Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 26

Another day, another countdown post. Feel free to gaze over the lovely pictures and be prepared to fall in love.

1.It all began with the icing. Mom's recipe. Of course. I made it all myself! (not hard, I know, but it was still an accomplishment for me!)
2.There it is, in all it's butter-cream loveliness. But the best is yet to come.
3.First, lets get some color going!
4. How cute is it so far? We (Me, Jess, and Whit) started with the outline, then the white and red icing. Look at those mushroom tops. So Mario Brothers, right? Love it.
5. Add some green and blue in the form of sky, grass, and vines and you've got something. We bought flower sprinkles to add that special touch. Oh, and golden gates to lead you into your fairy tale!
6. Let's get a little closer look. The vines and the grass were my biggest contribution. Thanks for all those years of practice Mom! Of course, your grass and vines always look better.

7. Next, we added fairies and pumpkins. Those are sour patch kids with dyed pumpkin seed wings. Jess and Whit dyed them last night. Look at that perfect 3-D effect, huh? And look. We only had to use one of those candy corn pumpkins cut in half. All the more for us to eat!
8. Then we gave them faces of melted chocolate chips. Don't they look so happy?
9. And here we have the finished score. Don Juan Triumphant! Oh...I mean, here is what they cake looked like when we were all done. A perfect fairy land!
10. Crazy angle!
11. One of some of the process.
12. And the rejects. We bought iced animal cookies to be pets for the fairies. But when we opened the bag all we saw were sad excuses for anything resembling a living creature. Misshapen blobs, the whole bag! So Jess and Whit tried to create their own animal outlines on the shapes. I don't need to tell you that they pretty much failed. See if you can spot a rhinoceros, a puffer fish, and owl, and a snake. We decided they we could not taint the perfect cake with those deformities. They look like something out of a bad horror movie concerning genetic experiments on animals gone wrong (man that movie on sheep and genetics was NOT what we were expecting, was it Uber Goober?)
13. Oh, and we made a friend last night! I forgot to mention it. Meet Mo the Mouse. I know the picture is blurry. Just know that he was really cute and we didn't release him that far in hopes that maybe we get to see him again.
13. And then some of the monarch that we doomed. Remember? The one that has no chance of getting to Mexico or having offspring that can make it to Mexico with the rest of the Monarchs? Yeah, here it is.

I hope you all enjoyed that as much as I did. I also hope that in your enjoyment you appreciate that I came to the library to get some work done to beef up my hours and instead I spent it catching up on TV shows and posting this entry.

I'm feeling a little guilty if you can't tell. What can I say? It's the weekend. Work just isn't in me.


Peeser said...

That castle is AWESOME! I am so impressed with your creativity! (What kind of cake did you use?)

Well done, Lambson.

Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

LOVED the cake! You make me proud. HATED the mouse - I don't care how cute they are. He WILL return and eat stuff in your pantry and poop everywhere. YUCK.

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