Monday, August 2, 2010

Post #3 in the "Breaking the Trend" series

The Man from Snowy River

X-Men Evolution

86 attendees!

Jolly Ranchers

70 degrees

86 attendees!!

Naps in the car

New Music


86 attendees!!!

Sometimes weekends are just good.

What else is there to say really, except I can't wait to come home for a week.

Also: Go see Inception.


Kirsti said...


And sorry I was a lame chatter person on Skype today. Afternoons are awful for me...I'm always so tired.

Peeser said...

Okay, twist my arm....

Glad you had a nice weekend.

Hope your week is just as good, if not better! :)

Enjoy your brief Missour vacay!

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