Sunday, July 25, 2010

Post #2 in the "Breaking the Trend" series

Here, have a few tidbits from the life of Sarah Lambson

Be sure to take these with a healthy dose of something else interesting ( i.e. a good movie, some solitaire, a different, more engaging blog, anything to distract you really).

Beware, this first one is a rather large tidbit so you might want to make sure you wash it down real good. It's almost a morsel, it's so large. I might even go so far as to call it a piece (or dare I say a chunk).

-This weekend was All Corps. I've been calling it a combination of a tri-wizard tournament and youth conference. It's really just a gathering of all the SCA Northeast conservation corps. SCA Massachusetts, and SCA New York (Albany and Adirondacks) were there. It's a chance for us to mingle, get to meet each other, bond, do service...

...and then compete ravenously against each other for a set of bull horns.

On Friday (after we/SCA New Hampshire returned from a NH volunteers recognition at Hampton beach (we saw a piping plover! I buried my feet in sand! We had a BBQ with the best potato salad I have ever had made with red potatoes!) completely unrelated to All Corps) the other corps showed up and started setting up tents in our field. We had soup for dinner. We had a talent show. It was good. I sang "The Longest Time" with 3 other people. It was grand.

On Saturday we arose early and went to the Lake Massebesic Audubon center community garden. We were divided into teams who all had a task. I was on the cooking dinner team. I set up water stations. I moved food into ice coolers. I chopped peppers (oh so many peppers) as thin as I could. I weeded for a while because, c'mon, it doesn't take 8 hours to make dinner for 100 people. Other people built shade structures, weeded, mulched, built an irrigation system, etc. Once everyone was done and resting I really got to work and cooked all the garlic marinated portobello mushrooms and helped flip burgers. It was HOT by that grill. Then there was a dance (contra dancing) much like a dance at youth conference right after a service day, no? I talked to Elise instead.

On Sunday we awoke early again and prepped ourselves to put all the friendships we had made behind us so that we could fight to the bitter end against each other for a pair of bull horns that have been passed on for the past several years. Bear Brook has had the honor of keeping these horns for the past 3 years and today we were going to try our darnedest to keep them. I got my face painted and wore a black shirt for the occasion. We got pumped and I grudgingly tried to feel as spirited as everyone else. You all know I am not one for competition unless maybe it's one based on musical talent. Long story short and pointless details aside (c'mon, you know you want to say it Clue lovers) we lost to Mass. But if I had to choose a team to lose to it was them. The NY team were sore losers and bad sportsmen.

That's all for that tidbit. Here are a few more that are smaller.

-See Inception. This is the beset bit of advice you will ever receive from your's truly

-Speaking of this movie, it makes me want to re-try a story I started writing with similar ideas.

-I force myself to think that goldfish are really good because it's what we have.

-I've recently gotten into podcasts. Mostly NPR but there is a nature video one in there too.

-Watermelon is needed to make any BBQ complete.

-After 7 months of fighting the feeling, I am back to craving Bob Evans Food.

-I am currently murdering everyone at Bear Brook.

-Sorry. Let me clarify that last one. I am moving on with the Bear Brook Massacre. A short story about the deaths of 33 people living at Bear Brook State Park serving an SCA internship. They are written in the form of letters from the last surviving member of the community, me (don't worry, this is purposefully arrogant. The story is supposed to be humorous to the members here and making myself sound arrogant adds to that humor). I am writing to the murderer from inside an insane asylum. Do you want to know who did it? I won't tell you. Not until they are written which will hopefully be before the end of this internship.

-I've been considering entering writing contests. Is that presumptuous of me?


Julina said...

It's getting a bit late, so I'll only comment on the last tidbit for the moment - absolutely not, is isn't presumptuous to enter a writing contest. That's just your non-competitive side talking :) Go for it...

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