Monday, August 23, 2010

Being 1 of 6

I am one. One of six. No that is not a Star Trek reference.

The fact that I caught my own not reference and mentioned it makes me just as nerdy as I would have been had the not reference been an actual reference.

Typing on.

I am one. Not the one (not a Matrix reference), just a one. There are 5 others. Hence, I am one of six.

I've been here before but then it was a different six and there were others around at the time.

In other less confusing words, there are only a few of us living at Bear Brook now. Me, Jessica, Lulu, Whitney, Marlee, and Sue. Except instead of Whitney today, we have Sylvia. And soon we will have Jeremy and Mike as well though not as frequently.

Do we (we meaning me, or rather I) care, yes or no?


No meaning yes, or no meaning no?

Yes. (Yes, meaning yes that was a Clue reference).

What was the question? Do we/I care? Yes. Because the fact that there are less people here makes living better and also lonelier. The loneliness I can deal with. What I am really excited for is the benefits of there only being six/sometimes eight people living here.

Free reign of the kitchen, TV, food, office, lodge, bathrooms. It's like living in a small woodsy cabin community in the middle of a state park 15 minutes away from any main roads. Oh, wait.

And I am already feeling the positive effects. But seeing as how all the other people who usually live here packed out for hitch today, there is little food to benefit from. Well, plenty of veggies and eggs. But what did I have tonight? Tofu scramble. I hate tofu. And it's not sitting well with me.

I also decided to celebrate my TV freedom by watching New Moon again with Sylvia. Luckily she shares my view on the destructive relationship between the male and female leads. But our jeering didn't help the sharp stabbing pains I had in my brain as I watched.

Bad decision.

Basically I am quite excited to have more room. I am going to miss the laughter that ensues when there is a hitch crew here. But I will not miss the vulgar humor and the constant comments on bodily functions.

Here's another good/bad. There is a 12 passenger van available. This has potential to be good for me and for my car. It also has potential to be bad for my driving confidence and parking ease. But I'd rather take the latter than have my car break down due to excessive use.

I get to have whatever I want for breakfast whenever I want tomorrow. And I can practice the piano, horrible as it is, and not feel like I am disturbing the peace.

It' currently 62 degrees here and I am going to sleep well. It's going to warm up to 89 by Sunday so I can't brag too much but I can a little while the cool weather still lasts. I can taste the fall in the air and I love it.

Sue made me a new hat. It's her way of saying 'thank you' for helping cook at our All Corps event. The color of the yarn is called "sage" according to her. I love it and I love her. She is so sweet! I'm glad she is one of the people who is still around. I keep wondering why I feel like I have something on my head and then feel embarrassed as I realize I am wearing my new hat. I have been all day.

I'm not ready. I'm really not ready. Boy, this tofu is really telling my body just how much it hates me. It could be something else. I don't know.

Well it's nearly 10:00 and time, really, to go to bed. I don't know why you thought it was a good idea to keep me awake this late. Shame on you. I have work tomorrow!

*chuckle* not really. Well, kind of. But not really.

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