Monday, August 24, 2009



Listen, discover, love.

Welcome back students. You may or may not find knowledge in your pursuits.

Thank goodness it is a beautiful day.

So lets see. Tuesday-5 hours, Wednesday-4.5 hours, Friday-5 hours, Saturday-8 hours. Give or take. That is a total of 22.5. Hm. I wonder if it will be enough. Because I am really thinking of not working on Mondays anymore since I am not closing. Then I could go to FHE. I miss FHE. That would also mean 3 days off. I don't know if I like that idea.

Sorry. I was just thinking about work. And I decided that I needed to think about it out loud in writing. Hm. That doesn't make much sense, does it?

Really, I am just killing time between this class and the next. I still have an hour. I was going to read, but I guess the prospect of going to the A&S computer lab like old times was far too inviting.

"Controlling my feelings far too long."


Listen, discover, love.

Funnily enough, Newborn is both Muse and Elbow. Now THAT would be a tour to die for. I already missed the Coldplay/Elbow tour because I had no idea. I will forever shoot myself in the foot for that.

So. Are you wondering what I thought of my first class? Becuase I am.

Dr. Nilon is, well. He is not one of my favorites. He is nice enough, sure. He talks too fast. He tends to de-rail. (Boy, I remember those world history classes with Mrs. (or was it miss?) Jones). He is not all that interesting either. But my classmates might just make it worth it. Welcome back Joe. Molly. Daniel. The first thing I hear as I walk into the class is "Uh-oh" from Joe.

He let us out early. I don't forsee this class being horribly difficult. Just a lot of reading.

Not in the mood for Death Cab For Cutie right now.

I think I will do some other things.

Be prepared for more posts. It is an eventful week.

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Peeser said...

Clearly. I mean, clearly the week has been eventful. At least, it has been eventful with a lot of random things. I'm glad you're surviving. I hope you will soon be thriving. You are nearing the end. It can be hard to focus, but do your best. However, don't kill yourself. If you can afford to not work Mondays, I say take the three days off. If you really are that concerned about it, maybe you could do every other Monday, or something like that. Your title was weird, and not clarified until the end of the post (I had no idea Elbow was a group, so when that wast the first word in the post, I still didn't get it...)- that's okay, though.
My brain feels a little fuzzy right now, so I think I am going to be done now. I hope you have a great first week!

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