Thursday, October 2, 2008

20 Posts!

My creative reached it's 20th entry mark. Took long enough.

I've decided that I need to just write more. I wrote all the time in Jr. High and High School. Why not now? I could say that I have no time. But there are all those little times where I can get in a paragraph or two.

I will try to do this more and stop worrying about how good or not good it is. Practice makes perfect as they say.

Thats all. Two in a week! How exciting.


Steven said...

You go girl! Yes, I just said that. Problem with it? Then we'll agree to disagree.

This is kind of the same mentality I'm taking with my story. Rather than allow myself to be hedged in by my villains-intent-writers-block, I want to keep putting out little bits about the main character.

Good for you, sis!

Peeser said...

I'm just proud of the fact that you're willing to post pieces of your imagination on a blog. Like most of our family, apparently, I also like expressing myself through creative writings... (for a long time, I thought I was the only one in our family who seriously considered it as a creative outlet)
However, unlike several of you (i.e. Kirsti, Steven, and you, Sarah), I am much more hesitant to share those ideas with the world while they are still in their gestative process. Granted, I think some of it may be paranoia that if I do, some random person will read my ideas, and then write a better story about them and get them published before I do. But mostly, I'm just a little more shy about it... it's kind of like playing/practicing the piano. I don't really like to practice with anyone around because they'll hear all the oopses and boo-boos and mistakes that I inevitably make. I'd rather they hear a more polished piece (though I have gotten better in recent years). Same with my writing- I'm shy about sharing the works-in-progress. I shouldn't be- feedback can be invaluable. Yet, I continue to hesitate.

So, Sarah, I commend you in your efforts (you too, Steven and Kirsti). I still occasionally toy with the idea of setting up a similar blog where I may finally express some of my writing ideas... I don't know...

Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks!

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