Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Alphabet of Sarah

Attached or Single?-Very much an emphasis on the latter.

Best Friend?-It's not fair to ask a girl that. So I wont pick one. Marcia, Erin, Ben, Jenni...Matt I suppose. And then, of course, my family.

Cake or Pie?-Pie all the way...unless it is chocolate ice cream cake.

Day of Choice?-Sunday. Day of rest, church, no work, family time, yummy free dinner...etc.

Essential Item?-Something to write in/on...Blog, journal, notebook, napkin, whatever.

Favorite Color?-Greens

Gummy Bears or Worms?-I'm not sure who would take a worm over a gummy bear. Thats pretty gross. But seriously? Absolutely bears.

Hometown?-I like CoBoCoMo...makes me think of the beach boys. (Columbia, Boone County, Missouri)

Indulgence?-Chocolate and Supernatural

January or July?-I tend to like the winter months better, but by January I am done. July is hot which is blah. But it has fireworks. So I might have to say July.

Kids?-Are great. I love working with them and I can't wait to have some of my own.

Life is not complete without?-My family, friends, the gospel...go ahead and phert.

Marriage Date?-Sometime in the future...

Number of Brothers and Sisters?-5 Sisters and 1 brother...poor bloke.

Oranges or Apples?-Apple juice rather than orange juice. But I prefer eating oranges.

Phobias?-Hmm...the dark in open places (the woods, a parking lot and empty street, etc), People popping up in dark car windows.

Quotes?-"Seek freedom and become captive of your desires. Seek discipline and find your liberty." -Frank Herbert. "Reality is merely and illusion, albeit a very persistent one"
-Albert Einstein. I have many, many more.

Reasons to Smile?-Trissie, my funny family, kids(especially Noah), fall days, good music, watching movies from my bed.

Season of Choice?-Definitely Autumn. No contest.

Tag Some Peeps!-First of all I do not call anyone 'peeps'. And here they are. Juli, Dad, Mom(not having a blog is no excuse) and any other random person who decides to visit this entry who does not usually visit my blog.

Unknown fact about me?-Gosh...I really cant think of any. I'm a pretty uninteresting person. I suppose I could say that I once made up a mean ex-boyfriend to make another guy jealous....That more of an awkward admittance than an unknown fact.

Vegetable?-Any and all. Except beets, radishes and peppers.

Worst Habits?-being too judgmental, making assumptions, being a martyr, whining and biting my nails.

X-Ray or Ultrasound?-Are you asking whether I have had either of both or if I prefer one or the other? Couldn't think of a better X-question? I'm going to make my own. Xylophone or Xenophobia?-I love playing the Xylophone...So I'll have to choose that one.

Your Favorite Food?-right now? Mac & cheese with spaghetti sauce and a hot dog with some bread and butter.

Zodiac Sign?-Taurus


gd said...

"People popping up in dark car windows."

Aw, man. Now I have a new phobia.

In high school, my friend Polly told me hers...that when she's walking to her car at night, she's worried someone is underneath it and will slice her ankles. That became one of mine too, after she told me. What it is with dark cars??



Steven said...

So I'm not sure if your Favorite Food response is one dish or seperate dishes...I'm grossed out by the thought of it being all one dish, but just as grossed out by the thought of mac and cheese with spaghetti sauce, or a hot dog with bread and butter. Eww.

Sarah Lambson said...

CLARIFICATION-my favorite food is mac and cheese with spag. sauce on top and a hot dog with no bun on the side. Then as an accent I have a slice of bread and butter. It sounds weird, but there are grosser food combination's in the world.

Tamara said...

Usually I go with the opposite of what Steven says (ha ha ha...just to tick him off a bit...), but I agree. Ewwww is CO-RECT! Butter, buns, sauce, dogs, too? MAN, you must be livin the college life of no money and no time to fix a nice dinner. You should come over more often...I'll make Steven cook for ya! :)

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