Thursday, September 4, 2008


Is overkill one word? Is it two? Is it hyphenated? Who knows.

So, two in two days. Why not? The truth is, I'm just a little bored.

I have some exciting news that no one will care about but me. My TA in Plant Systematics last semester is my TA for Botany this semester!! I'm so glad it's not the crazy hippie lady. you should have seen the notes she took on the board yesterday. I wasn't sure if I should laugh or cry in embarrassment. She's trying so hard to be cool. Writing word's like "crap" and "Funx"(abreviation for fiunction I guess...). Anyway, I love Alicia. She is easy going and hilarious. Our lab was the greatest lab of them all in my opinion and a lot of that was due to Alicia. I walk into lab a little late (this seems to ba a trend for me this semester). She looks at me in surprise and in her mock dramatic way she says, "Sarah? Sarah Lambson?". I was shocked and delighted to see her. The presence of someone I know added with the fact that I have a good handle on all this plant stuff made lab great. I wasn't in my usual shell. I was talking, laughing, interacting, etc. It was great. The content was pretty much as dull and tedious as I predicted, but the atmosphere was light. The girl across from me, Taylor, was nice. She's also in collquium. I may try to pick her out today. It's Dr. Nylon. I had him for Renewable Resource management. He sweats a lot. He's gonna give his lecture on urban wildlife management.

I am having so much fun in my major...for the most part. I am so excited for my potential career. But also a little bit scared becuase I'm not sure exactly what I will be doing. I really need to get in tough with the Fish and Wlidlife people here in Columbia and look into volunteering. My only worry is my lack of time. I have a few hours between classes and work sometimes. We'll have to see. Anyway, I also can't wait for next summer. I am already in the process of looking into internships out west.

Thats my short little entry for the day.

It's wet, I'm cold, I have classes all day...the only things I have to look forward to are not working tonight (shich STINKS (mom) because of the whole no money thing. Also I am getting FINCHES today and then there One Voice.

I would still love some suggestion for my pair of finches.

Hope everyone is staying dry.

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emily said...

sonny and cher? Since finches sing?

I dunno...

I'm sorry you're cold and a bit bored. I wish I was cold and bored.

Okay, no I don't. But sometimes I wish I was still 21 and just figuring life out. What a cool time in life!

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