Thursday, September 11, 2008

Here Comes the Rain Again

It's September 11th, 2008. I remember exactly where I was on that fateful day 7 years ago today. I was in my 9th grade honors Chem/Phys class with Mrs. Tyson. I walked in and class started as usual. A little into her lecture the phone rang. She answered. I can't remember if she said anything. But she went to turn on the television. There is was on the news. everything was wrong. Chaos. Distress. And then they showed the previous footage of the first plane crashing. I could only stare. Not sure why this was happening. They kept showing that plane and then switching over to live video of all the smoke and damage. Suddenly it happened. In came the second plane and it smashed through the other tower. More screams and distress. By now everyone knew there was something terribly wrong. This was no systems malfunction. This is when I began to be afraid. My chest felt constricted and my hands trembled. We all sat in front of the TV,watching the event unfold. Feeling pity for those there. Grateful that we were safe here. Afraid that there might be more.

Throughout the rest of the day, we sat in class waiting to hear more about what was happening. We heard about the pentagon, we heard about the flight that was headed to DC and crashed in Pennsylvania. The truth of it all coming to light. That there were organized terrorist attacks.

Terrorism. A word that, until then, was completely unknown to me. What did I know of terrorists being so young in times before when the word was heard around the world. I recently watched a video of a family taping the events as they unfolded from their home several blocks away. I can't imagine how they felt. Their fear so much more acute than mine. The smoke from the second tower collapsing rolled against their windows. How horrible, to know that someone you loved was in those towers. Working as normal. Then gone.

Never had the feeling that the last days are approaching been so acute. I still feel it to this day. The barrage of hurricanes, earthquakes, storms and other natural disasters are too frequent to ignore. Even more impossible to turn a blind eye to are the wars and rumors of wars, the rise of Gadianton robbers and the increasing wickedness of the world. The time draws nearer. It was the 11th hour 7 years ago. Where are we now? We can't know. But it's coming and we need to be strong when it does. Hold tight to each other as members of the curch. As family. Strengthen out relationship with our father in heaven. Cleave to him more than ever. Put our complete faith in Christ. Times are only going to get harder. We have been promised that. If we do not strengthen ourselves now, how will we fare in the physical and spiritual wars to come?

Permit me to relay a common phrase. It's going to get much worse before it gets better.

Am I ready? Why have I procrastinated this long? Why is it only now that I set my path straight? And why do I pass so many on my way and ignore them rather than grasp their hand to take them with me? The idea of a mission has never been far from my mind. It's always been a possibility. I've just never been sure if it was right for me. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. But it's something that I should fighure out.

Anyway, sorry for the serious entry. You need those every once in a while. And days like this, where we remember so many lost and a time that brought about so much sorrow and fear, it's hard to to be a little sober of mind.

A few little things about my life.

Work last night wasn't too busy but there were some times that I snapped at people when I should have been patient. I was rude to bill. I snapped at Crystal. I think it's because out of all the people that I work with, they tend to get on my nerves the most. In fact they seem to be the only people that get on my nerves. And last night was a nerve night. Crystal was mad because she wasn't first cut. So she took it out on everyone else. She was sour all night. Then as she was doing her outs she was completly unhelpful. She was standing right nest to the grill line window when my food came up. I was trying to run other food and get some salads and drinks out. I did this. When I came back she was still standing there emptying her salt and pepper shakers. I looked over at her and said in a little snappish tone..."Hey there's hot food in the window. You know what would be great? If someone could run it for me while I run this other tray." She just stood there. I have to admit that her inaction steamed me a little. I don't want to go into Bills stupidity suffice to say that he was paying for his pwn decision to let someone go early and the taking it out on everyone else when ti came back to bite him in to rear.

It's nice to see Emily and Noah. He's gotten so big! Too bad they are both coming down with colds.

Um...It's supposed to rain all this weekend starting tonight. Great. Good thing I had no plans.

"No really I mean that! Sorry if it sounded sarcastic..."

Name that quote.

I want classes to be over for the day!!! I want to go to one voice quartet rehersal! I want to go out for ice cream then curl in bed and watch a movie all nice and warm. I say that mostly because I am cold right now. Once I step outside I'll want and ice cold beverage and a fan.



Peeser said...

Thank you for the serious post. Very well said.

I also remember where I was when I first heard about it. I was on my way to class, sitting in Rosebud after parking, listening to the news on the radio. The irony is that I had just decided to pay more attention to the news that very morning, so instead of listening to some music station, I turned it to NPR. Little did I know of the calamitous news that would reach my ears. Perhaps that's why even now, I tend to be a bit hesitant to pay attention to the news (however, I know I need to be more informed, and I must say NPR is rapidly becoming one of my favorite stations!)

Like you, I remember feeling dumbstruck- how could this be happening? I remember going back to the my apartment and watching as much of the news as I could.

I remember at night, people crowding up the gas stations before prices could skyrocket (hmmm... if only the prices now are what they were then...)

When I heard about the Pentagon, I remember feeling panicked- they were going for the jugular by attacking the heart of our defense system.
When I finally saw footage of that later in the evening, I remember noting that the damage was not as great as I had feared- the plane had breached two, maybe three "layers" or "rings" (whatever they are called), but the building was still surprisingly intact. And that reassured me. It somehow strengthened me to know that there, at least, our defenses held. And I knew that God was on our side. I felt confidence then that we would get through this crisis, however tragic it may be.

I like your idea that we must hold together. Don't let people get caught in the crossfire of Armageddon because they don't know what's going on. Grab hold of them and don't let go.

Thank you for letting me get all that out-

(and the quote is from Homer Simpson in the "Rear Window" episode, where broken-legged Bart is convinced Flanders is a murderer. There now, do I get a prize? :)

Steven said...

Agreed with all of the above. Thank you for sharing that. Every year I like to ask people where they were. Look to my blog for more elaboration on my thoughts of the day.

Love you, sis!

emily said...

i love the serious stuff....Very nicely written/explained.

And it was really good to see you, too. MISSED you!!

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