Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Things to be happy about

I need to be happy, but I have been finding it hard lately. I've been i a funk for the last few days. This seems to happen to me often. Right now it is a combination of having no money, horrible work stress dreams, being worried about Rhode Island and registering for class, this semesters classes and just trying to get through them etc. Just a lot of things. Plus, even thought I am going to skip out on classes on my B-Day and I don't have to work, it's going to rain and I think that I am getting sick.

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts.

I just really dislike Tuesdays.


Peeser said...

Keep holding onto those happy thoughts... This time of the year, when our lives are filled with so much end-of-the-semester stress (not to mention the money stress heightened by increasing prices >:(
we need those happy thoughts to keep our souls from withering away into bitterness and endless frustration. So I commend you for finding pockets of happiness in the moment... I love your little list- it made me smile just to think of some of those things! (esp. the summer movies coming up!)

And a happy early birthday to you- I mailed your birthday card today, so hopefully it will get to you in time (if not, I'm sorry- but I'm sure it will still bring a smile to your face whenever you open it!)

love ya!

Anonymous said...

You really *do* hate Tuesdays, don't you... (it's come up more than once on this blog...) For me, I think it's Mondays... that's the day I usually spend the most time in the office.

I'm glad your taking your birthday off - what are you going to do with your time?

Mine is on a Sunday this year, so I haven't decided if I'm going to take the Monday off, or the Friday... (or neither...)

I'm glad I get to see you at least one more time before you whisk away to RI, but I wish it was sooner than a month from now (sigh). Oh well, I hope you have a good birthday (I'll try to call - early morning or afternoon better?) and like the present that is already on its way...

Love you-

J.Ammon said...

And fireflys will be returning soon!

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