Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oh the laughs of life...

I laughed several times today. I ahve decided that laughing is a great thing and I wish that there were more things to laugh at in the world.

Laughing at myself is both wonderful and horrible. Horrible when I am reading past journal entries and wondering "who the heck was this person? I was really like this at one point?" wonderful when you have done something stupid and harmless.

Lets take today for example. I drove home from class today around 12:00. The second I got out of my car, I was hearing music. Good music. The first song that I heard was "Drive" by Incubus. (Love that song by the way.) I wondered what the source of this music was. So I went around the house trying to determine if anyone had left their alarm radio on. Nothing. But the music was still going (now playing Cake. I was amazed that wherever the music was coming from be it man or beast they seemed to have great taste in music. It couldn't be a radio station. Even 102.3 BXR doesn't match my taste that well) and I couldn't even figure out what direction it was coming from. I went into every room in house. I even opened the front door again to see if it might be a loud radio that some construction workers were playing across the street. It seems close to the time to get the pool ready. I decided that it must be like the illusive rag-time that I kept hearing on my paper route (that turned out to be coming from an ice cream truck.) I passed this off as either me going crazy or simply a mystery I would never understand.

So I'm sitting on my rump, watching "Juno" (great film. If you haven't seen it yet, stop reading this and do so. I mean it. Go away and rent Juno, or buy it. It's worth it. While your at it get me and yourself the soundtrack. My birthday is a little over a week away *hint hint*. Sorry, moving on). The movie ended and I got up. There was that music again. This time it was playing The Killers "Jenny was a friend of mine". I went upstairs, content to just let it keep going. If the music was all in my head, sweet! I shuffled over to the computer to check e-mail and plug in my iPod. I extracted the small blue rectangle when lo and behold, the music got louder!! I looked down at the display screen and it said to me "Jenny was a friend of mine" The Killers Hot Fuss. And my battery was low. Yes my friends (and family), my iPod had been playing in my pocket for the last two hours.

What really baffles me it how the volume got cranked all the way up so I could hear it from my headphones in my pocket and how the lock button got switched over when it obviously wasn't that way when I first put it in my pocket (if it had been, the music would have never been able to start in the first place.) Anyway, sorry for the epic. Sometimes these stories tend to go longer that I intend.

In other news, I saw a gum bush today. I was quite amazed by it. I wonder what plant family the gum bush falls into. Or maybe it was just that all the Steak N' Shake drive through customers decide that a good place to throw their gum is into the bush outside their window! C'mon people! Can you seriously not find a better place for your gum that under the desk your sitting at, on the stairs of the parking garage or even better on the window sills of campus buildings???? If you are old enough to go to Mizzou or to drive through Steak N' Shake that you are old enough to appropriately dispose of your gum. I understand sticking your hand under your desk in Jr. High and finding a gooey mass meeting your revolted fingers. Heck, I once SAT in spearmint flavored gum at Kirsti's jazz band concert at Oakland. But college? I am ashamed.

Enough of that rant. Since this entry is long winded enough, if any of you would care to know these are dad's responses to the tag. Since he doesn't have a blog, I will take the liberty of posting them.

My responses (I obviously don’t have a blog):

Four jobs I’ve held:

Bagger for Albertson’s Grocery

Custodian at Mission Training Center

Asst Mgr/Mgr Don’s Country Market (waited on a member of the BeeGees, several Osmonds)

Instruction Coordinator for Missouri National Guard Military Academy

Four movies I could watch over and over:

-A Man For All Seasons


-Lord of the Rings

-A Few Good Men

(There are, of course, more)

Four places I have lived:

Sioux City, Iowa

Kansas City, Missouri

Omaha, Nebraska

Belleville, Illinois

Four TV Shows I Like:

Law & Order (original)

CSI (original)

24 (original)

Mike and Mike in the Morning (actually a radio show being televised)

Four people who e-mail me regularly:

My wife

John (my colleague)

Some guy who wants me to give him my bank account number so he can deposit a bazillian dollars there

QPB (the Book Club I just quit)

Four favorite foods:





Four places I would rather be:




Iowa (is it heaven?)

Four people I’m tagging:

Dick Tracy


Lilburn Boggs

The Hulk

I love this man. He cracks me up!! Anyway, happy Wednesday. The third best day of the week is almost over for me (in that I have to go to work in a few hours...blah.)


Peeser said...

Thanks for sharing Dad's responses! How did we get so lucky to have a father who is so hilariously lame- or lamely hilarious?- yet so perfect in many ways. I wouldn't have him other than he is... (and I love that he's hooked enough on 24 -at least Season one- to include it on his favorite TV show list!)
So I say again, Thanks Sarah for being the one to post this glimpse into a great man's life, and Thanks Dad for giving us that glimpse of your delightful self!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Dad also called me on my "I don't watch TV" response to my "tag list" - as he said, "full disclosure and all". So I'm glad you tagged us even though we don't do the blog thing (I wasn't sure anyone would, and you and Kirsti both did!) No one tagged Mom, though :-(

Anyway - I figured your story would end with the Ipod on - thanks for sharing it ;-) And I'm glad it wasn't a sign of neurological dysfunction...

Hang in there and have a good Thursday.

Love you-


emily said...

I love the dad answers! Cool!

And the gum bush? Sounds LOVELY. Like the gum tree at six flags. Or the famous gum wall here:


Love you.

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