Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's April

I really like Spoon right now.

So this is my spring break update. I always have great plans for spring break and of course they never happen. I was going to get a lot more written on my story and I was going to update my life. No chance. Not that anything cool is happening or has happened.

It's school again and I am sitting in the computer lab listening to Spoon and eating Cheez-Its. Yum.

Spring break was relaxing-ish for the most part. I got about 1/3 of my room clean. I did not give Trissie a bath. I did not start my April projects that are now due in two weeks. I still have not talked to Juli and I feel awful about that.

I did read "The House of the Scorpion". It was very good and if you like futuristic "life in the future will STINK" books I suggest it. I also got to go to St. Louis which was loads of fun. My craving for the zoo has been satisfied for now.

I got A's on two of my finals and a B on the other. That is much better than I was expecting and it makes me very happy.

Time is moving far too quickly. I want the next six weeks of classes to pass quickly but not so quickly that I'm not prepared for whats coming after.

Um, I am now out of time because it's limited on Tuesdays. I want to update in more detail but there just isn't a chance of that for the next few weeks I think. Maybe there will be.

Oh well, I am alive and well and hoping that I can keep up with myself.


Anonymous said...

We talked... just not a lot... sigh.

And now that dad's sent around the car commercials about driving and talking, I'll probably just have more guilt about talking in the future...

Oh well - you're alive, and that's good. You went to the zoo and that's good, too.

I'm alive, and I'm trying to believe that's good. My spring break is still ahead - and that might be good.

But I get to teach seminary :-D, and that is definitely good (so I guess that makes that first one, about being alive, pretty good, too...)


Love you-


Peeser said...

BTW- you haven't talked to ME at all, despite the voicemail I left you requesting information. Thanks.

Still, though I'm sorry you weren't as productive as you'd hoped to be during Spring Break, just remember that the end of the semester is near, and you'll soon be off to RHODE ISLAND for what looks to be like an exciting and interesting summer!

hang in there!

Kirsti said...

Yay April! And I really should finish House of the Scorpion. It was me who suggested the book in the first place. Oh well. Happy April!

emily said...

thx for the update... love u!

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