Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I love Memories! Not real life...

I remember the first time that I was the Numa Numa video. It was my Junior year of high school. It was first hour the day after a concert. So we weren't doing anything in class. Matt brought me the the FARC and we illegally got on one of the teacher computers...I think it was Robins. He told e he had something hilarious to show me. Knowing Matt I was sure that he was paying it up way too much. But I waited patiently as he went to a place called "albinoblacksheep.com" (incidentally this was the firs time I was introduced to this webties as well. It brought such joys as "forehead shavecut" "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny" and one of my current favorites, "Shift Happens".

Anyway, he showed me the Numa video. I watched and as he cracked up I just thought, "what the point?" Yes, at the time I had not been brought to the light that Gary Brolsma brought to the world with this short video. Like some many things, it was something that had to be watched several times before it made you laugh.

I eventually bought the whole song off of iTunes as well as the song for "New Numa".

Anyway. That is my tale. I hope that one day everyone will realize just how much of a waste of time these videos really are and how lame the music is...even thought I still love listening to it!

So I know that most of you don't care about Numa Numa or Albinoblacksheep. But I hope that now you do! Just kidding.

As a small update, life is not very happy this week in terms of classes. I have far too much to do and here I am blogging instead of doing it. But this method seems to work for me. Making money at work is becoming increasingly harder. The problem is I can't get a new job at this point because I'll only be here for another month and a half. Then I'm off to another state. So I have to stick it out. I do love working at the Boob. It's fun, I have great co-workers and it's great to get those awesome tables every once in a while. I just wish people weren't so cheap right now.

A good thing is that spring finally seems to be fighting it's way into existence. Storms, plants flowering, warmish weather...all those things. I think most people agree that Spring and Autumn are the two seasons that take the longest to get a grip and we want them to keep going forever, but they don't. I love the start of Winter and Summer but I quickly get tired of the hot and by the end of the cold I am ready for Spring again. Anyway, the seasons here are weird anyway.

Thats about it. It's gray outside, I'm ready for school to be over, and I have 6 pages to write as well as a power point to throw together. Good times. I'm going to get started before my whole day goes away.


Peeser said...

How can anyone NOT love the Numa Numa song? I realize the video may take a few times to be amusing (though I thought it was ridiculously funny the first time...), but I even like the song for itself- so Euro-techno and carefree, it always makes me smile just because it's fun to listen to!

...I am also glad that spring has finally started bursting into bloom. the one problem with that is that, like my students, beautiful weather makes me want to laze around doing nothing. It can be so hard to get motivated when there is gorgeous weather to be enjoyed. Alas, I still have to stick it out for another seven weeks or so. Hopefully, my students and I will be able to find a way to help entertain each other while learning... (wishful thinking, perhaps...)

Julina said...

I should be working on taxes, but instead I'm commenting on blogs... I'll get to it eventually, I suppose (I'd better - less than a week to go!)

Anyway, hang in there and call if you need to vent or bounce an idea or two around. I'm still on spring break for (officially) 2 days!

Love you-

emily said...

agreed on the Fall/Spring observation.

Sorry 'bout the money slump. I'll do a Money Dance over here, to see if it helps at all. (It's mostly the Reception Dance, but repurposed.)

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