Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mmmmm...bird skins(it's gotta be Tuesday)

Nothing beats looking at bird skins that smell like a combo of mothballs and death.

Another beautiful day...and I all of a sudden really miss all my friends who are no longer in Columbia.

My brain hurts and I hate Ornithology. I feel stupid that I didn't predict how comprehensive this test was going to be. I really need to get on learning how to read peoples minds.

Sleep would be wonderful, so would not having to do things that are so hard.

ahhhhh...what is this limbo?

I hate really liking someone and you don't know if they ever think of you past what they see of you at church events. I am, of course, talking about chicken boy. He's so cute when he plays with Natalie's yorkie. I cant help feeling that so many good things would happen there. But there are so many awkward things in play.

(I wish the spell check would stop telling me that "yorkie" is spelled wrong...)

So anyone who wants to see how absurd peoples understanding of Mormons can be click here

I mean wow.

I have also developed an unhealthy addiction to caramel bugles.

p.s. Tee-Hee...Bono

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