Friday, January 5, 2007

A New Member

I am happy to announce my new addition. His name is Nibs. I know he's a little hard to see. It's because I had troubles get a good picture. And he is quite small. Since David Copperfield, I have been hesitant to get another Beta because I was afraid I would kill it in a week. But I am taking a chance. I already had the bowl, food, and water purifier. So why not. I go him a Beta Buddha and plants. He makes me happ and I hope he wont die on me so soon.


emily said...

thats exciting!!! I hope it all goes well. The buddha is a nice touch.

You should post this pic and news on the Family Website!

Erin! said...

Good Luck!!

I miss you very much...have a good last weekend of freedom!

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