Friday, December 29, 2006


So this is the magic tree that has become a huge Columbia visiting site for Christmas. Isn't it pretty in a grotesque way?

So it was a good Christmas. I love my family and I think I realized it with renewed fervor this year. Sometimes it becomes tense, but I love our time together that is so short infrequent. I will miss being away from school.

So in looking into myself lately I have discovered a few things. This all comes with the help of my two sisters Beckie and Emily.

I am really rude to my mom. A lot of times in an argument I treat her as an equal instead of my mother.

I let my little sister bring out the worst in me...this is because I hate it when people are calmer than I am in an argument.

One of my biggest pet peeves is the way my some people (my dad in particular) will assume that I am feeling a certain way and act accordingly. Sadly I do this to my little sister all the time. I have been trying to stop this.

I hate it when people dont take things I care about seriously.

When I have things looming over me, like a hard test, finals, a long period of work with no break etc...I get really stressed and irratable. Stay out of my way.

I am not in love with the person I liked in high school as many think I am. There is simply this nostalgic butterfly feeling I have everey once in a while around him...nothing more.

I dont like being put on the spot.

I dont like when people but into affairs that have nothing to do with them, thinking they can fix things.

This is good and I hope that this coming year will reveal more about myself that I didnt know before.

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Erin! said...

We need to hang out again before I go back to KVille (the 7th...ugh!).

I understand the nostalgic butterflies all too well.

It's nice to have people help you realize things about yourself that sometimes you're blind to. A change for the better is always a good thing :)

I love that tree. My friends from Truman came down and called it the burning's pretty true.

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