Thursday, January 25, 2007

What?!?!?(24 SPOILER!! for those of you not with it)

Jack + Graham
=Both Bauers?

Okay, so whats going on here? First we find out that Jack actually has a father and was not, in fact, created from a supernova. Then we think daddy Bauer (aka Phil) may be in league with the terrorists. To top it all off, we find that jack has a brother...guess who it is? Graham!!! The evil son-of-a-biscotti behind all the mayhem of season 5!! I mean, I've had some fast ones pulled on me with this show. I thought Nina's 9 lives and Curtis being sacrificed to the blood hungry 24 death Gods were nuts. But this? There is no way that anyone, even in those crazy forum people, would have predicted this one. This goes beyond nuts and plunges right into the whipped cream, hot fudge, sprinkles and cherry on top without even asking. I mean, this is the guy who made it possible for the president to shoot down a plane that they both knew Jack was on. One of the first things that comes out of Graham's mouth when he finds out Jack wants to see him is, "We Should have killed Jack when we had the chance."

The best exchange between these two? Take your pick...

1.The awkward embrace that Graham gives Jack and Jacks obvious lack of return of affection...(who knows how much Jack really knows about Graham. But there was obviously a big falling out.)
2.Graham saying, "You just need to learn to relax." and Jack promptly meeting his fist with his brothers nose.
3.Graham swearing on the life of his family that he doesn't know where their father is and Jack replying, "not good enough."

The only way that I don't feel completely ashamed of my obsession with T.V. (especially 24) is that I'm not as bad as some...

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emily said...

nicely reviewed. Entertaining, witty, to the point....

Love it.

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