Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dead Duck

I feel that the events of yesterday deserve an entry. I was shocked to discover that in my Ornithology lab we would be dissecting a duck. I must have missed out on something in High or Jr. High School because I have never in my life cut up anything. The closest I got was watching a vet do surgery on animals when I job shadowed. So I was a little uncomfortable at first. It was such a pretty dead duck.

We had to start by pulling the feathers off it's torso. I didn't help here. I have a problem with touching dead animals. I watched as one of the girls in my group cut into it starting from the neck and going down to the tail. The worst part was breaking the ribs. As she and the lab T.A. continued I watched in fascination more than disgust as we saw the Trachea, the heart, and all the air sacs. We saw all the anatomy except it seemed that our duck had no pancreas or kidneys. I didn't do much cutting until after the girl in my group decided that her hands were bloody enough. Then I forgot my discomfort and fear of the dead bird and began to hack into it's throat to see if I could find larynx.

It was an amazing experience...does that make me a sick person?

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