Saturday, December 2, 2006

Sticking It to the Man

I have to say that I have surprised well as several other people. I'm well known as a very timid person and an employee to be counted on. Someone you can call in and expect to almost always hear a "yes". And, to be honest, the last time that I had a problem with my place of employment, I lied about it. I said it was no real problem and accepted the load of crap they rattled to console me with a fake smile of understanding. This time I decided that it would be more productive to tell the truth than to lie. I told my manager that I wouldn't come in to work yesterday. When Asked why, I basically told her that...well, I didnt want to. Not because I am lazy (well maybe a little of that), but because I felt that it was rediculous to make employees of a movie rental store come into work when even most hospital clinics were closed. I said I didn't care if the District manager thought this was unacceptable and I tought it was stupid and pointless to have the other stores open and open our store at 5:00 pm. I was surprised at my boldness and so was she I could tell. The DM was not pleased at all but I am just getting sick of all the dung being served up to me and my fellow employees. Oh, and I find it interesting that I cant go around blogging that Mov*Edited* Gal*Edited* is a frustrating place to work, but my manager can go around and gossip, telling all the other managers about my little outburst...hmmm. So this is me. Timid, afraid to express too much of herself, always trying to please everyone...This is Sarah Lambson Unleashed...beware my hesitant fury!!!

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Erin! said...

Well, I'm glad you're sticking up for yourself. You need to show that you can't be pushed around, but don't be too forceful, because then they won't like you. I don't want your employer to take advantage of your kindness...but I also don't want you to be fired.

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