Monday, November 1, 2010

On having nothing to do and still feeling guilty for doing nothing.

Well, I do have some things to do.

I could be filling out a couple applications.

I could be making an appointment to get fingerprinted.

I could be SHOWERING.

I could be unpacking the rest of my things.

I could be calling my future branch president in Maine.

It's a new month. A month to get things done. To be productive. I have limited time here. And how do I spend it? I upload Christmas music onto my computer. I watch the Halloween episode of The Office. I finish watching Chariots of Fire.

Yes, I went on a walk this morning to try and work off all the sweets I had last night.

Yes, I finished my Resume and sent it to the SCA to see if I can get this temp writing position.

Yes, I have been researching election candidates so that I can vote with at least a little education in my opinion.

I have done some things, sure. But it's hard to focus on those things and feel remotely productive when you know there are so many more things you could be doing right now.

Being honest with myself? I don't think I will get fingerprinted today. I will call and set up an appointment for Wednesday.

I don't think I will turn in any applications today. I WILL fill them out, but going to the mall? I don't think so.

I don't think I will get in touch with my Branch President.

I don't think I will get much unpacking done today (maybe some but not all).

The thing is when there is so much empty time in the day it's easy to put things off and say you will get them done later. So why not just DO things? Fill up that empty space?

Honestly, it's because I am lazy. I would much rather sit here and blog and upload Christmas music and hide behind doing research on candidates because that's something I can do and NOT really do anything.

But I have a plan. Things are going to get done. Just not today. I have to spread things over time so that I don't have any empty days before I start working, right? (By the way, I will be working at Bob's again for the two months).

You know, I don't think this would be such a problem for me if I were not living with Mom and Dad who are both the King and Queen of being productive. I see them doing things and wish that I had the ambition to be like them. I'm more like Sadie these days. Hanging out on my bed for the majority of the day.

I miss living in the woods where the only distraction was a beautiful day and the trails all around.

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