Monday, November 15, 2010

On being

Sarah sat with her legs dangling over the tiny pink couch in the corner of her room. Could it even be called a couch? The SIZE of the thing. It wasn't even a love seat. But it was there and it was better than lying on her bed.

Little Sadie made a wild jump and barely cleared the gap from the bed to the mini couch. Once there, she settled herself in the space between her loving owners legs.

The song "The loneliness of a tower crane driver" by Elbow sounded from the speakers of Sarah's laptop. She was listening to her "writing music" playlist. As the notes swirled through the cluttered spaces of the room, the ever so slightly emotionally rumpled young woman of the family of Lambson wondered just what she was going to put into her blog entry.

It was another one of those started, deleted, re-started, deleted, re-titled and re-started and edited and deleted and RE-restarted entries. Sarah knew that if she didn't finish an entry once she started one that it would never get published. It was a good thing then that her livelihood was not dependent on her ability to create a witty posts like THIS blogger and THIS blogger.

Even now, she had no idea just where this post was taking her. She wished more than anything that the creative side of her could be awakened again. But the only things she could think to write about was how all her time these days was spent working at Bob's and watching movies and TV shows. The only things occupying her thoughts were how much sleep she would get tonight, considering the altered sleeping arrangements, whether or not her car would live another year, and how in the world she was going to find a life in Maine.

She twirled her hair thoughtfully as the live version of "Newborn" by Muse played through her thoughts. She considered how there were several people close to her who had problems and worries that were much worse than hers. Why complain, really? Her car situation was out of her control and all her other worries, the ones that WERE in her control, she need only worry about as she continued to procrastinate solutions.

As she corrected yet ANOTHER misspelled word, this molder of mediocre motifs (Mmm for short) realized that, yes, she does make a lot of mistakes on this blog. There are a lot of typos, she tends to use commas far too much, she write run on sentences and sentence fragments, and she has no idea how to spell. Thank goodness for those squiggly red lines which are only useful sometimes.

Oooh, oooh, OOOH! Sarah clicked a link in her e-mail to a radio program on the magic of the music of Harry Potter. Her heart soared. She was glad that this episode still existed and hoped that others might take advantage of it, especially since they started off with WILLOW music (Sarah also decided to let readers of this blog know that in order to access the episode if it in fact still exists, they need to click "On Demand" and then "The Score-Edmund Stone" to listen to it).

Oh if only she had just enough money to buy all the Lord of the Rings complete film soundtracks. If only, if only.

Sarah realized she had gotten off track. But really, what was this blog for if not her random thought processes and de-railings. And why would she need to edit her blog entries? It was HER BLOG after all. There for HER benefit first and foremost and only secondarily existing for the readers. You want to read a grammatically correct and blemish free piece of writing? Go to a library, or a bookstore, or any INTELLIGENT persons blog.

"Enough of that," Sarah Thought. "Time to stop this and move on with life. Time to find an online writing exercise and post it on the OTHER blog because I have the time to have TWO unnecessary places to publicly publish my thoughts."


Julina said...

I'm glad you put in the link to the music program, though I should also mention to your other readers that it appears that the "On Demand" only includes the current and the previous week (and this week's "previous week" link for "The Score" appears to be broken), the HP feature is currently the "current week" feature but likely won't last long. How's THAT for a bit of bad sentence writing!

Good luck with the car.

Love you, sis

Kirsti said...

The last "Sarah Thought" was capitalized and now I want to make a film titled Sarah Thought and that would be the characters name and it would be from the first-person mind's eye perspective of Sarah.

I just came up with that on the spot. And to think, if BYU doesn't accept me into their film program...

Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

Sarah's mom enjoyed reading her blog this week. Sarah's mom does wonder if her room could be picked up a bit, though.....

Anonymous said...
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