Monday, July 12, 2010

" wonder if your chance will ever come or if you're stuck in square one."

Have I mentioned what an ordeal it is trying to come up with lyrics to a song that matches in some fashion what I am feeling or writing?

I can never come up with the right lyrics then and there. So I go to my iTunes and put it on shuffle. I then press the next button until I come to a song with promise. Then I go to and look to see if any of the lines fit.

It's a lot of work and probably the reason I don't post as much as I would like.

I wonder why exactly I started doing this?

Here are some things I have learned about New Hampshire since living here.

-They LOVE their bikes out here. I'm not even kind of kidding. I was sitting in church yesterday and a fleet, a FLEET of them drove past (maybe a flock? I kind of like that better). It must have taken 5-7 minutes for all of them to whiz past. It was kind of like driving past a train and thinking "when is it going to end? Surely it will be soon." and then it just keeps coming and coming. On any given day I will observe at least a dozen bikers. Many with their shirts of blasting down the highway and driving in an unsafe manner. And who needs to be that loud? I mean, c'mon!

-New Hampshire-ites also love their liquor stores. There is at least one liquor outlet in every town. Outlet. Not just store. I'm talking isles and isles of cheap to expensive alcohol in every shape and form. I know most towns have a liquor store, but this is different. On the map of New Hampshire, there are little wine bottles marking the major liquor outlets near the larger cities.

-The people of New Hampshire hate, nay, loathe Massachusetts. (Actually it seems like a lot of other Northeasterners dislike the state in general). I wonder what they did? It goes way beyond sports teams...or maybe not. Maybe that's where it started and then esclated to something...well, laughable. I suppose it can't be any more laughable than other state rivalries. Good thing they are purely on the local level and we don't have little wars breaking out here and there.

That's all I got. Nothing fascinating. Just simple facts.

Some other facts are these:

I get really excited for ice water. There are several people who put ice in their tea or coffee in the morning. Understandable since it's not fun to drink something hot when it's already 80 degrees outside at 8am. But we have a limited ice supply. We have perhaps 1/2 a dozen ice cube trays. And with all these people making giant mason jars of iced coffee and iced tea, I find the ice supplies to be limited in the hottest hours of the day. I was unpacking my cooler from the weekend this morning. I went to put my melted ice packs into the freezer and there I saw a full ice tray! I wasted no time. I grabbed a glass and plopped 6 large ice cubes into it. I then filled it with tap water. It was such a wonderful treat that I stopped unpacking and went to sit on the couch and read my book with my glass of ice water.

I think I just took for granted always having an ice-cold beverage in the house. Back home we always had a gallon jug of water, or maybe a pitcher of kool-aid. It was nice. I am going to start cooling my water in the fridge from now on.

I also get really excited for veggies. We almost always have onions and potatoes. We also often have carrots and celery because those aren't highly sought after. The thing is, now that most people are on hitch, Sue doesn't order food as often. So when we run out of veggies a week after we got them we are out of them for another whole week until the next food order. When we manage to ration them out it is a major treat and means that I get to eat more than grains and cheese for food while camping. I LOVE it when we have Kale, mushrooms, tomatoes, zucchini, spinach, and if we are REALLY lucky, eggplant or broccoli or some other "extravagant" veggie.

I could also live the rest of my life on Feta cheese.

So that's me right now.

At least the me that mostly exists at Bear Brook. For Pawtuckaway Sarah you need to check out my other blog. If you have not yet received an invitation it's because you didn't ask for one yet. clarify a little more on the title, I suppose it applies more to Pawtuckaway Sarah than to Bear Brook Sarah but since these two beings are mostly the same person I felt like it fit.

Also I didn't want to search for lyrics anymore.


Peeser said...

F.Y.I.: "Isles" are mountains that peek above the surface of the ocean. "Aisles" are rows in a supermarket (or between seats on a bus or in a stadium).

Also, it might have helped for you to have clarified that the kind of "bikes" to which you are referring are "motorcycles..." I was envisioning these flocks and droves of cyclists riding by as though it were the Tour de France...until you mentioned how much noise they made. If you had said something about "bikers," I might have figured it out sooner (I didn't catch the "drove past" until the second time through).

Hooray for ice water.

Not hooray for veggies, but more power to you!

Talk to you Wednesday!

Emily S. said...


And loved the tidbits. Thanks! I'll always have cold water for ya should you need it.

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