Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Breaking the trend.

Part of me hates this title. It's so devoid of quotation marks and lyricalness (yes that is a word because Blogger does not underline it in red...). It also means that from now on I have to think about a title. I guess I could always do something generic like "This one is about this..." or "Today I will write a number of random statements that relate in no way whatsoever." Something like that. I guess it can't be any worse than trying to look up song lyrics. That trend did have a good 35 entry run.

So there you are Juli and Emily. I've moved on.

Moving on further...

Several individuals are of the opinion that I need to have a blog devoted to my critique of snack foods, restaurants, advertisements, movies, TV shows, and spinning signs.

Apparently I spend to much time thinking about and watching pointless things.

I did spend a good amount of time working at a movie rental place.

I also love my candy and snack foods.

Even though I have never taken an advertising class in y life I feel the strange need to evaluate how well and how poorly companies sell their wares to the public.

We all know I watch far too much TV.

Eating out is a favorite past time even though I can really no longer afford it.

And I just think spinning signs are a waste of energy. Luckily I have only seen one so far in New Hampshire, and it's in Manchester (of course).

These several people who think I should blog about this happen to all be interpreters. Most especially Rachel and Jess.

What is the solution here?

Take things as they come and then comment on them as I always have, I suppose. This is already a random thoughts blog. An updater blog. I have 4 blogs. I don't want to make another one just for the purpose of putting down my random opinions. And so here are some for you, dear readers, to ponder.

"Hip Hip Frap-ayyyyy!" makes me wanna gouge my eyes out.

A billboard with a woman wearing a diamond ring and covering her lower womanly parts with her hands with the words "tell him first things first" is just bad taste.

Hardees commercials make me want to vomit.

The Taco Bell Chihuahua was not a good idea.

Real men of genius? Genius.

Has anyone tried the new pretzel M&M's? If so let me know how you liked them. I have yet to get my hands on this enigmatic little candy.

Most sit down restaurants are nothing to rave about. We just convince ourselves that the food is really good because we are spending so much money on it. There are, of course, some exceptions. I for one usually end up getting the same thing at restaurants I have been to before because I know it was good and don't want to risk paying for something that I don't know if I will like or not.

French Onion Soup has to have the perfect amount of melty cheese, slightly burnt cheese (aroung the edges of the crock), onions, broth, and the perfect softness of crutons (not slimy like some can be) to be a good French Onion Soup. You can't make a soup with onions in it, slap some shredded cheese and crutons on it (without letting them soak in for a proper amount of time) and think that you can call the dish French Onion Soup. Someone should tell this to Panara.

Oh Panara. I can't stay mad at you. Your breads and pastries and bagels are so delicious. They make up for your "French Onion Soup". Plus you have a really good broccoli cheese soup.

Despite what many people say, adding strawberry flavor to peanut butter M&M's was a great move and I am glad they have kept the "limited edition" flavor so far.

What else?

I've got nothing. That's the problem. I don't remember life's little observations when I come to blog.

Should I write them down?

Does it really matter?

I wonder if Missouri has wintergreen?


Oh well.

My new thing? Make envelops and filling them with letters. Don't want a letter from me? Too bad. Because you are going to get one! Unless I don't have your address or you are reading this and I don't know you. In which case I expect you to be greatly disappointed.

Where in the world am I?


Peeser said...

Responsive thoughts:

You could do something like "Friends" did and come up with a universally adaptive title (the title of all their episodes begins with, "The One Where...").

Hardee's is always gross. Well, I used to love their hot ham n' cheese sandwiches and their cinnamon biscuits. But I also hate their advertising.

Is there anywhere in particular where you've seen enough spinning signs to form such an opinion? I agree with it- I just didn't know you'd seen that many spinning signs.

Blogger apparently missed your misspelling of the word "croutons". That's okay. Blogger clearly didn't major in the English language- (they're trying to tell me I've misspelled "croutons" now. Nuts to them).

I'm sorry I'll miss you when you're in Missouri, but I hope you have an absolutely fantabulous trip! Love you!

Kirsti said...

Yeah, I kinda like Elise's idea on the matter. My titles all really suck because I just suck at titles. I've resigned to that fact, but embrace it at the same time.

I agree with some of your statements but also disagree. Like the strawberry peanut butter thing. Its good when you have a strawberry jam and peanut butter sandwich, but not so much as a candy. I dunno. Maybe I had too many before I threw up that one time at the movie theatre...

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