Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"It's a brand new me, I got no remorse."

I have nothing better to put into this post except this...

It's a brand new BLOG, yeah the sun is high, all the angels sing because you're gonna die.

Huh, that doesn't quite fit.

Oh well, whose perfect?

So this one is different. I have to invite you for you to be able to view it.

If you would like to, please respond via comment.

Signing out now...

...what? What was that? I haven't even told you what the new blog is about? Oh, how SILLY of me!

It's called "Tucked away at Pawtuckaway." It was originally the idea of the interpreters in order for us to keep in touch with each other. You know me and how much I love blogs. I snapped up the chance. But since it is affiliated with New Hampshire State Parks and such I would rather keep it more private lest some sort of accidental unprofessional phrase weasel it's way into the content.

Speaking of weasels, we found some baby ones! Clearly abandoned since two of them had died of starvation already. They were precious. We took them to a wild animal care center and they tell us they will be fine!

Anyway, it's about me at Pawtuckaway. The events of the week, the success of the programs/what went well and what didn't, content of programs, and other little tidbits. Pictures as well I am sure.

I know that I could simply put all this on my blog here. But I would rather not put the address or existence of this blog out there to the Bear Brook community. So, there will be no Pawtuckaway talk here. It will all be on my other blog. This might mean that less posting will occur here. More incentive for you to comment and tell me that you want to be invited to my new blog.

That's all, I am really signing out now.


Kirsti said...

I like the new layout. And nice use of Dr.Horrible lyrics! :D

steve said...

So yeah, I want to be invited

Tamara said...

so, you just redid your blog? or are you creating a NEW blog? I'm confused. But yes, if you're going private (ugh....that sucks!) then I "guess" I need to be invited. Eh-hem.

Kirsti said...

EH! <---That's supposed to be said in a whiny kind of way
I tried commenting on your Tucky pucky thingy bloggy. And it wouldn't LET ME! ): I want to comment, durn it!

That is all.

Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

invite me. In real time, please, since you dated this particular blog July 15th!!!!!!!

Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

OOps, just noticed it was June 15th! I am the one not in "real time" it appears.

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