Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Steady as she goes. (please answer the question at the bottom of this entry)

Just moving right along with the week.

I just took my next to last midterm. In Folklore. I'm pretty sure I nearly aced it. I missed memorate. She asked what kind of folklore a ghost story is. I couldn't for the life of me remember. I sat thinking about it for 10 minutes and never got further than "m".

Last night was an interesting night at work. It started out alright. It seemed to be regulars night. Lots of familiar faces. Then the power went out. No reason. Just darkness and you hear all the customers gasp. Luckily it was still daylight. It's amazing how dependent everything is on electricity. The electric companies have all the power...(I'm so punny. I blame it on dad and more recently my ichthyology professor.) We were unable to do much, but we tried. It came back on a long 5 minutes later. It went out and came back on three more times in the next hour. Crazy. I think all of us were hoping to get off work early. I knew I wouldn't have minded.

In that time of on again, off again, I managed to spill a tray of salads all over myself and the counter. The customers had already been waiting a good long while for their food. I wanted to yell. I didn't. I had a guy who looked really depressed and got extremely grumpy when I told him that we were out of pot pies. It says right on the menu that they go fast and we have to stop making them at some point. June and Anne stayed a long time as usual. Levi didn't do his outs. I made $75 (awesome for a Tuesday night). The money was worth the frustrations. One of my last tables was a 3 top and they left me $10. I was pleased.

I still have to do a homework assignment and study for my PopDy final. I'm not sure what to think about it. I generally understand everything. I just can't answer things if you word them weird. This test has weird wording potential. That's all I'm worried about.

I hate Wednesdays. Bring on Thursday and it's uncertain midterm. Then I am mostly free. One of my classes has already canceled class on Friday. I don't think the others will. But I am really looking forward to relaxing after tomorrow at 10:00.

I am really excited for spring break. Read Kirsti's blog to see what we are doing.

If you were going on a road trip and found out that a band you like is playing in a a city on your way, would you go?

-The band won't be touring near your hometown anytime soon.
-You have already booked your hotel and if you stayed in the town an extra night to see the band you would have to change your reservation and pay $70 more.
-You could go to the campsite in an area 3.5-4 hours away and then drive back that night. But that's more driving and another tank of gas.
-The concert is only $17

What do you all think? I really want to know. The frugal part of me says forget it. The adventurous part of me says forget time and money. It would add so much more to your spring break. Fling restrictions aside and go for it. Since you are all mostly frugal people, I would expect a lot of "don't do it"'s. But let me know what you really think.

Time to be productive.

cough, cough...


gd said...

Hi Sarah!

Okay, I am TOTALLY frugal, but...there's a time for frugality, and a time for memories. Once when my family went on a vacay to Wisconsin, my dad and brother went to some airplane museum where they were offering rides on a super-old, antique airplane for like fifty bucks. At the time, Dad was all "Nah, that's a lot of money for a ten minute trip" [or however long it was]. But, he has regretted not going up in that plane for YEARS...all because of fifty bucks he didn't want to spend.

I say go for the hotel and the ticket.

Just my $0.02...


Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

Oooooo - that is really tough. And, I don't know what to say because you KNOW how frugal I am. But, I also say that making memories is really important. I would have to have a few more financial facts .... would you consider not riding horses for the concert? Or some other way to cut back?

Peeser said...

Well, how much do you like the band? IF it is a band you have wanted to see/have seen and would love to see again, then I say go for it. If it is a band that is okay, but you can live without, don't bother. In other words, do you think the memories will be worth it? When Esther and I went to England, it was a little frustrating to find that so many things we wanted to see cost money. However, most of those things were worth the cost. For example, when I was a little concerned with how much it cost to see Westminster Abbey, Esther paid for me because she felt that the memories of touring such a historic place were worth the expense. She was right. I am so glad I went (and so grateful for her generosity).

So. I think it all comes down to what both Genny and Mom have said. If you think the memories will be worth it, say "nuts" to the cost and go for it. If one memory is only sort-of worth it (either the concert, horseback riding, or something else), maybe you can sacrifice that in favor of a more worthwhile memory.

Okay, there's my $0.25. I can't wait to hear all about your road trip!

Love ya <3 :)

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