Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I keep doing this to myself

I thought that I had given myself enough time to study for my fish exam.

I guess I was wrong. There WERE 75 species. I had to know their family name, as well as genus and species. I also had to be able to visually identify them. Here are a few things in my defense.

1. The specimens have been sitting in jars of alcohol for years. They are bland, colorless and barely have a trait that makes them different from all the other species in their family also sitting in jars.

2. This lab class is 3 hours long. They gave us 2 minutes per specimen (there were 29). Hardly enough time to look at the indistinguishable specimens and distinguish them. Then only five minutes after that time to finish up. I didn't even get to finish. All other lab tests I have taken gave us the whole time.

3. We only have two lab tests. Two tests to know 150 species. Not common names. Not just orders, but the scientific name. This is a real challenge. I think we should have had at least one or two more tests spaced throughout the semester.

4. The smell of alcohol sweetened by the slow decay of fish in not a wonderful thing when you are trying to take a test.

I still should have studied more, obviously. I will not make the same mistake again. I am determined to pass this class.

I'm starting to fall behind in classes. I was keeping up. Not so much now.

I am really ready for spring break.

On another note, I LOVE PSYCH! This season is amazing.

Gotta go to class.

Just gotta make it through.


gd said...

Wow. For what it's worth, that sounds impossible. Just imagining that smell gives me a headache.

Peeser said...

Yeah, I'm glad I didn't go into your field of study. Dead fish in any way, shape or form have never exactly appealed to me. I think your professor is crazy. Granted, you're a senior, but still- that kind of demanding work sounds like graduate work. I'll try to keep my fingers crossed for you (though if it gets too hard to accomplish anything with crossed fingers, please forgive me if I uncross them... I'll keep them mentally crossed :)

Good luck! I'll see you soon!!! :)

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