Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I hope that everyone reads this post and tries to respond to it. My e-mail is on the fritz for some reason and I really need to get some input from the family.

I have to write a paper by 4:00pm Friday on Foodways (a form of folklore). I am having problems finding a topic. Some of the easiest and more basic topics for foodways are recipes that have been passed down or are representative of a culture of which you are a part.

I have asked mom and dad if we have any recipes that have been passed down for more than one generation. The answer is no. So I am looking to you guys for help.

If any of you have friends or co-workers or acquaintances that might have a traditional recipe for ANYTHING could you send me their e-mail? I know that I only have a few days left. I had a great idea for this paper and my professor shot it down. So now I am scrambling to find a new idea. Just e-mail me if you think you might know someone, or you can comment on this post. Thanks so much!!!!

In other random news, I want to rip my hair out. I have two midterms today that I am not altogether ready for. I have to work out a time to actually run my fathead minnow experiment. This will probably involve missing work which means missing out on money. I still have to make the final plans for this road trip of mine and Kirsti's. I have a long homework assignment due tomorrow, an edited rough draft of another paper due Monday, two midterms next week as well as another paper for PopDy which I have not been working on. Then I need to be thinking about ticket sales for the MOTAB concert as well as enrichment activities. I am a little swamped.

Boy do I need to stop laying it all out like that. It makes me a little depressed.

Thanks for listening!

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gd said...

My dad has several recipes he makes every Thanksgiving/Christmas that are passed down, one from his mom, one from his great-aunt (I think), and one that my mom's mom got from a local diner she grew up with in Reno--they closed down and the recipe for their pie sauce was published in the local paper.

My e-mail is if you want more info!


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