Sunday, March 15, 2009

Making it through the week

Just one more week and then I will spend blissful hours thinking of nothing but the road ahead and what music to listen to next.

I can't wait for spring break.

I have also decided that I could get used to a Mac as long as I can figure out all the different things. I hate using the mouse.

I'm giving a shout out to all of you who sent me info concerning recipes and such. Especially Melanie. I contacted your boss and wrote my paper based on her recipes.

Right now I am supposed to be editing the operational portion of the E.C.G. management plan for the Brundage property. For practicum. But I have been doing that for the past 4 hours. So I am taking a well deserved break.

Here is an update.

-I failed my first fish identification exam. FAILED IT. I think I got a 38% or something horrible like that. I will not fail again. Now that I know exactly how to study, I intend to pass the next one with flying colors.

-I am still getting over my second cold of the year. I had just barely gotten over my first one. Maybe it's really the same cold coming back in full force.

-I have looked at the time line of fathead minnow embryo development and come to realize that this is going to be really hard. It takes a total of 5 days for them to fully develop. The first 24 hours are crucial with only 1 hour between each developmental stage. basically that means that I will have to confine myself in the tiny experiment room for the whole 24 hours with no real sleep and maybe a quick food break here and there. Then for the rest of the 5 days, I will be sleeping irregularly because fathead minnows don't develop on a schedule befitting normal human activities. I am planning on conducting the experiment in its entirety the second week of April. During that week I will not contact anyone. Any of my free time will be spent sleeping or doing other school work. I will pretty much be useless to the world.

-I saw "He's just not that into you" with Erin on Thursday. It is exactly what you would expect. Nothing close to amazing, but cute and mindless. The best part was that those who were practicing infidelity got what they deserved. If you really have ANY desire to see this movie, wait until it comes out to rent.

-I still don't know where I am going over the summer for my internship. I am a little worried. I knew my March 9th of last year that I would be going to Rhode Island. It is not March the 15th.

-I really have to pee and still have to make a copy before I go home for dinner which is in 45 minutes.

- I better go.

Let's just hope that I make it through this week alive.

Congrats to Kirsti for deciding on a college!

P.S.-apparently I was in the running for being employee of the month for the whole district. No one told me this. One of the grill cooks had to show it to me on the small piece of paper that reported it. I did not win but I was mentioned as one of the other people in the running. Huh.


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Kirsti said...

That stinks that you failed the test. But at least now you know what to expect and what works and what doesn't. Personally, I'd be mortified and crying for the next few weeks. I hate failing.


But first, we gotta get through this week. Hang in there, sis.

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