Saturday, February 14, 2009







Or am I me already and just don't realize it yet?


emily said...

I'll give you the answer... as it pertains to me. You'll have to see for yourself about YOUR answer... :)

1. I was ALWAYS me, but didn't realize it. The first 20+ years of my life was teaching me how to BE me.

2. But I BECAME me, in a conscious way, in an enlightening way, around age 23-24. Specific life experiences led me to this "Awakening", so I'm not sure it's the age, specifically, but the part of my journey where a critical and necessary change within occurred.

3. And now I am working on MAINTAINING me. Trying not to lose sight of that Awakening, yet also trying not to grow stagnant...I am always contemplating new facets of the ME I found 8 years ago.

So... there's MY answer.

Time to go find YOURS.


Peeser said...

HEre's a beautifully frustrating (or frustratingly beautiful) response to that question: "Me" can be- and often is- in a state of flux. We are always adding layers onto who we are, creating new depths to our understanding and our souls. (Of course, I speak generally, but I like to think that even those that appear to be the most shallow, flighty, brainless people have some secret depth that perhaps even they have not yet discovered... I probably only think that, though, so I don't get too depressed when I encounter people like that).

There is an essence that is you, and I think that you have already discovered that. Things that are "you" are things that help you *thrive*- what makes you truly happy? What do you truly enjoy doing? As cheesy as it may sound, especially for a single, working woman, I really do find satisfaction in cleaning, I love baking, and if Rachel and I didn't make so many of our surfaces so utilitarian (i.e. kitchen table, countertops), I would have more fun playing the part of pseudo-interior decorator... Those things are facets to who I am.
LIke Em says, though, sometimes maintaining who we are can be a challenge. I don't always have time to do the things I enjoy doing. Thus, it can be easy to lose focus in light of frustrating priorities. Make time to make yourself a priority, too. For me, that means finding pockets of time where I can read for FUN (and I need to find other pockets where I can write!)...

Okay, I think I've lost my train of thought now. There's my answer to your cosmic question, for whatever it may be worth.

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