Friday, February 20, 2009


Here I am. Watching Psych. You know what I still have to do?

Several things.

Guess when I am going to do them?

Not right now.


First of all, I am about to say something not nice about people that shall remain nameless.

They shall remain nameless because I don't really know their names.

And I'm not going to say anything horrible. I just lost respect for some people in my folklore class today.

First of all, there is this girl in there. I really didn't want to believe it, but she is one of the most unintelligent people I have ever encountered. ONE of the most. Not THE most.

Anyway, one of the other students told a joke. An elephant joke.

Q: What do you do to a Blue Elephant?
A: Try to cheer it up.

Most people groaned. Some chuckled. This girl says, "Wait, I don't get it"

This is the third or fourth time that a joke has been told and she has piped up with "I don't get it." This would be fine (annoying but fine) except later another girl said "I think the dirty jokes are funniest."

The "I don't get it" girl and another girl piped up in agreement.

I wanted to shoot myself in the head. Seriously? It's come to it that humor cant be pure and clean? There has to be some sort of vulgarity in it for a joke to be funny? I have noticed that most of the jokes that circulate among people my age involve sex or sexual activity. It's horrible. Most of the time when someone says they want me to tell them a joke I know I don't want to hear it.

I couldn't believe what I heard. Well, I could believe it, but I really wish it weren't true.

Anyway, that really all I had to say.

Second: Boy has it been a crazy week. Stressful. Tiring. I am glad to be taking a break. But it's not done yet.

Third: For those of you who have not ever seen psych, you need to! It is incredibly funny and ridiculous and I know that most of you in that family would love it. Best of all, the episodes are not consecutive. You can just start anywhere and watch. You could watch an episode from the most recent season and still think it's funny (though it is funnier having seen episodes from season 1 and 2).

I was snorting in the computer lab.

Time to go I think. I am watching Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring with Kirsti tonight. I am SO EXCITED!!! Boy, you have no idea. Funny though. This is the conversation that occured on Facebook.

I posted the following status.

Me:Sarah is in LOVE with the Narnia movies and is REALLY PSYCHED to watch LOTR this weekend!!! (I am SUCH a nerd and I love it!)

Joni Worth Resa:
LOVE both of those Movies (and sequels)...I guess we are both nerds...

Jamilyn Haban: it must be a family thing because I love them too!!!

Jeremy Davies : I hate all of them... :P lol. Ok... not really. They rule!!

Joni Worth Resa: Why do you have to be such a HATER...Jeremy??!!!

Jeremy Davies: ..... I can't come up with anything to say... lol

Joni Worth Resa: I think our whole family is a bunch of geeks!!!!...How about that! LOL

Jeremy Davies: That sounds about right. Haha

Kendra Kabel: umm... excuse me- yall just better speak for yourselves!!!

Kendra Kabel : I guess that's "partially" true.... hmmmm... *frantically searching for the Delete FB Friend option*.......

Joni Worth Resa: LOL....YouKNOW your proud to be related to us!

Sarah Lambson : Okay, I hope you all know that you made me snort-laugh in my class in which I am NOT supposed to be on facebook! I hope you're happy. But seriously. I love it that most of us ARE geeks, thanks in part to our upbringing I'm sure...

Joni Worth Resa: LOL...that made me laugh as well!!! (i'm at work...hehe) ,just think Sarah...It all started with your "nerd" comment.

This facebook "conversation" really made me laugh. We really are all nerds, thanks in part to the previous generation. THANKS MOM AND DAD!!!

Okay, goodbye everyone. I have to go piddle now.


emily said...

great parting line!!!!! LAWLS.

And AWESOME that our distant family is connecting.... Even if it took Facebook to do it!!

love you..

Beckie said...

I find that jokes are archaic and not a source of laughter for me, no matter what the content. I don't tell jokes, I make sarcastic remarks, relive hilarious quotes, and make fun of the daily inane experiences. No jokes.

And sometimes girls (the feminist in me is roaring in frustration) play stupid/coy to foster a certain identity. I'd be willing to bet this girl might have been doing that. Lame whilst setting women back just another step.

Lastly, who are all these family members? Is it insanely rude to say that that is one more reason not to get on facebook for me? The communication with peeps I barely know? Man, I am one anti-social meanie-mo.

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