Monday, February 16, 2009

"Hope not for mind in women; at their best Sweetness and wit, they'are but mummy, possess'd"

-John Donne "Love's Alchemy"

Not to be too severe on my own sex, but he got it pretty much right when it comes to a lot of women.

If you have never read any John Donne, do so. Now. RIGHT NOW! Stop what you are doing, go online, look up John Donne and READ HIS STUFF!

It is HI-larious. I'm pretty sure that he is trying to be witty and ironic. But I DONT think he meant for people to laugh out loud at his stuff (which I do). I am speaking specifically of his poems from "Songs and Sonnets". If you don't like poetry then don't bother. You'll just want to rip your hair out.

I have a lot of things that I REALLY need to be doing right now. But I am taking a little break.

I curently have 7 Microsoft word documents open. They all need to be edited before 3:30. Maybe THIS is what it feels like to work for a living. Of course I wouldn't have classes in between and I would already be done.

Mmmmmm...blueberry muffin like only Dad can make. It needs heat and butter.

I also have to read about 50 pages worth of info on Pipistrell bats so I can write a two page paper on them by tomorrow at 9:00 am. Tell me how that makes sense?

On top of that I have...(I'm going to list. Try not to fall asleep. It's a long one)

1. Icthyology notecards to make with color pictures of the fish so I know what they look like (about 50 fish for this first test)

2. Either find the papers on Fathead minnows that I need, or request them through inter-library loan. The key is looking EVERYWHERE to make sure I really DO have to request them so the library people don't get mad at me for requesting somehting that they have.

3. Do my lab report for Animal Population Dynamics and Management. I got a 25/25 on the last one. I have no idea how since I was mostly making stuff up that sounded good. Either that or I really DID understand what I was talking about. I hope this is the case for this report.

4. Start writing my paper on The Canterbury Tales Vs. Twelfth Night.

5. File my FAFSA which I can't do until I do my taxes

6. Do my taxes

7. Get new tires for my car finally

8. Catch up on Lost

9. Study for a test in Icthyology that I have Next Monday

10. Clean my Bird and Degus cage

All while working and going to class. I think I am either going to explode, melt, go gibbering mad, cry, break a computer, eat my weight in chocolater and sunflower seeds, or a combination of all those things.

I am trying to keep a good attitude through all of this. This requires several stratagies.

For example-right NOW I am ignoring the lineup of open documents minimized on the status bar of the computer while updating my blog! How's that for putting off the inevitable?

-I am enjoying listening to my iPod and eating Apple Cinnamon Crispy Oats (me and Kirsti made a soing about them once...It went a little something like this: "Apple Cinnamon Crispy Oats taste like lotion!" More of a jingle really. I can't remember why they tasted like lotion).

-Okay. I just got really sad because I looked at the time and realized that it is now 12:34. I have less than 3 hours to get all this stuff edited. Why can't people be gramatically correct and excellent writers so I dont have to do this?


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Peeser said...

I haven't read any Donne for awhile, but I remember enjoying his poetry- I love that whatever English class you are taking, they are having you read some of his works... Have fun with that! :)

(And here's to "wasting" time blogging and doing other things that are tons more fun than the things we have to do- in my case, lesson planning and grading :P )

Love you!

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