Sunday, June 1, 2008

From Rhode Island!!!

I am on this insanely ancient Micron computer with a really crappy mouse. But I am here!!! It took forever and a day...not to mention several near death experiences involving irresponsible 18-wheelers. Not all of it was pretty scenery and smoothe highway. There was tons of construction and the furthur you got east, the more people seemed to completly ignore the fact that there is a speed limit.

You will have to forgive any misspellings that there are. Since this computer is probably as old as Kirsti, there is no spell check.

Anyway, there were some stressful times, but we got here seafely. It is beautiful here. Yesterday was foggy and later on quite stormy. It was 50ish degrees! quite cold. Today dawned much the same, but once hurch was over, things had cleared up and now it is beautiful! The breeze off the ocean is perfect. I have yet to be on any of the many beaches that surround this area, but there will be pleanty of time for that later. I am just enjoying thre free time. I have to dive right into things early Monday morning.

All the other interns are here now except for one. They are all really nice and fun. I can't wait to get to know them better. I have yet to meet Suzanne the head supervisor, or any of the other actual paid working people. I met one of the only single people in the ward today. Here name is also Sarah. She was raised on the east coast and now goes to URI and is getting her PHD in literature. She is extremely friendly and served her mission in the Liberty Missouri Mission. Small world huh? I think I'll get along real well with her and we plan to get together with the other single girl in the eard and hang out.

I now have food, but not a working DVD thanks to the fact that the connecting cables seemed to ahve fallen into a blakc hole somewhere. We have to buy new ones.

As for the trailer...It is...adequate. Much like the large camping trailers that you would find in Johnson Shut-Ins and mock because the people in them are just poser campers. There is one bedroom with a good sized bed, small closet and a few cupboards. It has two windows, a skylight and a small nightstand. This is Courtneys room, simply because I didn't want to fight to the death over it. There is an ugly apholstered couch that folds out into a bed. There are matching chshioned seats around a small table nailed to the floor. There in a little "living space". Then there is a kitchen sink, a small stove with tiny oven that doesn't work yet. Some drawers, cupboards and a full sized fridge. At the end of the trailer is a very small bathroom. Like a cross between the downstairs bathroom at home and an airplane bathroom. It has a small shower. Right nex to this you will find where I have made my habitat. There are small enclosed bunk beds ("B" words!!!). I sleep on the bottom and the top id for all my things...cloths, books, etc. It's a bit cramped but not ompletly uncomfortable. The only major problem with this trailer is that it is old. The guys got a nice new trailer. We get stained carpet and a smell resembeling the smell of Ruth Marshalls old trailer...sort of old with a tint of cat smell. I'm just glad that everything works.

Well, I dont know if I will have many more chances to blog. I have been told that I may not have acces to a computer with internet at all while I am here. This wories me a little. But Sarah said that she has a laptop that I am free to use whenever I want. I may take her up on that, but the point is, I don't know that next time I will be able to post. I know I said that over a week ago, but I just want to give you all a heads up.

Well, thats all...I am really nervous for my first day for work. I don't know what to expect except a bus full of kids. Oh what fun. Hope the family is well and I also hope to be posting again soon.

Farewell till next time!

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