Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Last Time?

For those of you who find it amusing to visit this blog and read my posts, this may very well be the last time that I visit this little outlet for the next three months. I apologize for not posting last Tuesday. I was far to absorbed in wasting time that has now caught up to me. So anyway, to the updating.

As you all know I am heading to Rhode Island for the duration of the summer. I am leaving this Thursday and won't be back until Sunday August 24th. The night before classes start. How wonderful.

But really, I am quite excited. But in the words of one of the most obnoxious musical characters in existence (even beating Carlotta from "Phantom of the Opera") in one of the best musicals ever made (Into the Woods) I am "Excited and scared"-red riding hood.

Moving on.

I was coasting down familiar roads today, listening to music and enjoying the feel driving a stick shift (theres nothing like it in the world) when a thought struck me. In a few days I will be making my way down unfamiliar highway and then through the streets of a completely foreign town. For three whole months I will no longer travel the well known tracks of Columbia. It made me a little sad, and a little scared. I know that I will start to know my way around the place. It is, after, a rather small state. But it is the tiniest bit intimidating. A lot of things about this internship are.

It started to hit me last night just how long three months is and how much I am going to need to pack! Three whole months. My entire summer. This is a huge change for me and a completely new experience. If I was going to Arizona, or Utah, or Indiana or somewhere else where people I know live, it would be a little less scary. I will know no one out there. The only contact I have had with my supervisor is a phone call and an e-mail or two. I know that this is a great opportunity and that I am going to learn so much. But I don't think it will sink in until I have spent a few days there.

I really hope that I get to blog there. This a great place for me to go to spill my brain and receive support. But who knows.

I should probably go. I have so much to do. I just wanted to get in a post before I left in case it was my last until I return. So, I may be in touch next week, I may not.

Adios, my fellow bloggers. I bid you a fond and sad farewell, for these may be my final words in the bloggosphere for a time.


Anonymous said...

Just listen to "Defying Gravity" (Wicked) or some other take off and fly kind of song - and don't forget to call when the pangs of homesickness hit.

I'm excited for you and can't wait to hear about the great (and hard) things you'll be experiencing.

Love you-


emily said...

I am also so so excited for you... Can't wait to hear about your adventures!!!

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