Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Just wanted to add something that I think is important. I didn't write before because I wrote it in my journal.

I'm not going to be doing what I thought I would be doing. I thought that this internship would be centered around going out in the field and getting my hands dirty. You know, doind my darndest to conserve nature.

I expected to be bird banding, mist netting, tromping through marshes and all that cool stuff that makes you tired and sweaty. Turns out, I have more of a fluffy job.

I am supposed to be traded between the biology people and Janice who is the public outreach person. Taking kids on tours is tons of Fun!!! Dont get me wrond, but I wanted to be more outdorsey. I know that I will get some time for that, but not as much as I want and not nearly as much as the other people. I feel a little seperated from the group because I am the only person who has it this way.

So to calrify in a short way, I am not working with Plovers. I haven't even seen one in the wild yet. That makes me a little sad because it means that I can't give them High Fives for Emily.

Such is life.


Julina said...

I'm sad that your job hasn't turned out quite like you expected - I know the feeling. I know you'll still get the most out of it that you can (and you're still near the beach!)

We're safely in Washington with internet in the hotel... but it's been a long day, so I'm leaving it at that...

Love you,

Tamara said...

your journeys sound like they will be fun! And getting to show nature to the kiddos is something that will be so amazing, just wait & see! Just think of this...you'll be able to instill in them a love for nauture! AND...you get free time after that to explore and research for yourself! You get the best of both worlds! It's kinda like serving a mission...the ones at the Visitor's Center...touring and talking a lot!

emily said...

Maybe plovers don't even exist, like snipes. So now you don;t have to look stupid like the other will. Maybe? :)

And I think the stinkiest part is that you are kinda separated from the others by your duties. That seems a bit lonely and disappointing.

But on the bright side, you are still smack dab in the middle of a real ADVENTURE! Seriously...

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