Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Last Week

Campus is silent at 8:03 in the morning. Only the occasional straggler is seen making their way casually to class. It's the last week of the semester and theres no need to hurry. The sky is cloudy. I feel a tiny drip on my arm and I remember my umbrella where it lies on the seat of my car. The peace is broken by the rhythm of a hammer at the sore of a construction site by the commons. Birds forage in the grass and the trees whisper. Beckoning. Nature is honesty. Truth so complex that it hovers on the verge of simplicity. My favorite T.A. passes me on bike commenting on my lateness with a smile. I make a lame retort as she whizzes off. They day begins peacefully enough. But I know what the future holds. A parade of facts that my mind flutters around, never really alighting on an understanding. Next comes this. The outlet that my crammed brain requires. Following is a post-test with no real point and making up what I missed. Then no real time for anything else before I go serve thankless customers.

The semester is almost over. This means the following for me.

1.Lab final on thursday
2.Plant collection project due on Friday
4.Don't have to go to my first two classes on Wednesday
5.Need to start studying for Finals
6.Rhode Island date is coming closer and closer

speaking of great movies. Here is a teaser for one that I am pretty excited for. But I have to wait until December.

This is my tiny update because I really need to be doing other things right now. Happy Tuesday everyone.


Peeser said...

One thing that I love about our family is the gift with words we all seem to have. I love the descriptions you use here- from the hovering truth to the fluttering but never alighting mind of yours. I know the stress that comes from the end of the semester- but I also know that you will soon be able to enjoy the beautiful peace of mind, spirit and nature that comes after...
And, though I know you're not a big fan of Tuesdays, Happy Tuesday to you, too!

emily said...

i love the language, too... Thanks for being a writer AND a scientist!

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