Saturday, May 10, 2008

Really random

It's almost midnight on a Saturday night. Mom just killed this massive spider. I kid you not. It looked just like this.

I was making my bi-yearly visit to my MySpace account and just had this random thought.

My two favorite animals are Bats and Wolves. If I could choose a dream job it would either be spelunking in New Zealand studying bats and cave ecosystems, or living in the outback of Canada (does Canada have an "outback"?) with a family of wolves like that one couple did. Anyway, the point is in all of this recent Twilight hype I just thought it funny that I have the same obsessions as Bella. Just in a different way. And just like in Twilight I would chose wolves over bats. Bella should do the same. Stupid girl.

Ha. Thought that was interesting. Um. Thats all. I need to go to bed. Going to be an early mothers day for me tomorrow.

P.S. I got my new phone yesterday. Love it so far. I have the same number, but I currently do not have a texting plan. So please do not text me unless it is an emergency (until further notice). You may now go back to your lives.


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