Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Two in one week!

So I know that I have tried to stay away from the 24 entries...but this wont take long.

we welcome guest star Denethor as the Russian Consul. He looks like taking a running, flaming jump from the top of Minas Tirith wasn't good for his health. Poor guy just lost a pinky.

We also gladly welcome Marial Varon Underlay from the "not good enough to last two seasons because people get bored to easily" show Invasion. She has gone from creepy alien hybrid to being the vice presidents advisor. A step up in my opinion. Man I miss that show.

In my opinion the writers of 24 are doing a poor job at being plausible. There is no way that Chad Lowe would be willing to kill the president and have second thoughts about murdering his boss...yeah right.

And I feel like there is no way that when Jack breaks into a Russian Diplomatic building under his own jurisdiction and gets nabbed, CTU will risk having the Russians pissed at America and launch a rescue mission for an agent that was supposed to be dead anyway. Not that I don't want them to save Jack. But c'mon. Lets be realistic.

Okay, I'm done. Moving onto life.

I saw "Because I Said So" with my girls Erin and Jenni on Monday. It was a wonderful night. It was nice to giggle and be extremely attracted to the hot guitar player Johnny. Who I just figured out where I have seen him before. From one of the shows that I loved and completely dropped off the face of the earth, "The Others". It's a cute movie but there are way to many sexual references for my taste.

And almost right after I got home from my evening with my friends I was sad that that was it. I probably wont see them again until summer. Oh well. Thats life.

I'm kind of dreading the field trip I agreed to go on the the Satan State.

I hope it's worth a weekend of missing work and the money that I need.

I work with Scott tonight. And that makes me sort of happy. Harmless flirting that wont go anywhere because that would be awkward.

Signing off. What was the point of this entry again?

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