Wednesday, February 9, 2011

On Taking More Photographs Than is Necessary

I have more sunrise pictures. And some others. Many are of Sadie. I tried to condense and pick the best ones.

These next two are of Sadie the Friday before our trip to Boston. I cannot get over how cute she is.

Aww! I love how she nests into the covers!

Here is Javier after I finally dug him out. He doesn't like the frigid weather or the snow all that much.

After that big snow, there actually wasn't much to brag about except the drifts outside my window.

These next ones are of me. Obviously. Taken in the bathroom. No, I'm not vain but I think a few pictures of me pre-work are not amiss. Some of you might have forgotten I look like.

This is the view I have in the mirror. I have to crouch to see my face. Kind of annoying. Bonnie isn't THAT much shorter than me.

My nostrils are kind of big. I guess it's to compensate for my tiny mouth, teeth, and eyes.

There is nothing better than a stocked pantry.

Or a stocked fridge for that matter.


I couldn't stop taking pictures of Sadie in the car before the trip to Boston and after we got to the hotel.


On my lap before we left.

This is the tv we had in our room at the Comfort Inn. Better than the one in New York I stayed in.

Sadie just after we arrived in our room.

The room. Not too shabby.

Sadie's home for the flight.

5 minutes in and she is already settled in. The next few really don't need captions. They are just CUTE.

The New England Confectionery Company

Also known as NECCO. I think that means death in Latin. anyway, look hard. You can see the giant NECCO wafer rolls outside the entrance. This was right across from the hotel.

And last, we had a Winter Ecology Festival on Saturday and this lady came with her hawk. He's a first year (maybe second?) juvenile Red Tail Hawk. She is a master falconer and is training him to hunt. Isn't he beautiful?


Kirsti said...

Lovely pictures! Sadie is as cute as ever. I'm sorry that you had to give her up to mom and dad :(

Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

Hummmmm - I never knew what NECCO meant! Pretty cool you saw the company headquarters.

Peeser said...

Like mom, I didn't know Necco actually stood for anything, either.

Nice sunrise pictures (though I'm pretty sure you said you were going to take sunset pictures... ;)

I'm also so sorry about Sadie. Just think how sweet the reunion will be...

Sarah Lambson said...

I had no idea it stood for anything either until I saw the side of the building.

Em thought I should go on a tour and get some free Necco wafers. Ew. Besides, we didn't have time.

I know I said sunsets in my blog post. Well remembered. But I MEANT sunrises. I always in my office at sunset and the trees usually obscure it. Though that might be a fun thing to do in the summer/fall. Switch it up!

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