Friday, March 26, 2010

"When you try you best but you don't succeed..."

So, this was going to be the great Muse video post. As far as I can tell that is going to be impossible.

Instead you are going to embark on the wonderful picture journey of what Sarah has done for the past couple weekends!

Aren't you excited?

If you want an e-mail of the videos just say so in a comment to this post.

This is where I live, everyone. Yeah. Be jealous.
I really wish the water had been warm enough to swim in this day.
(This was last weekend, by the way)
The beach crew! From top left: Megan, Kelsey, Whitney, Rachel, Lil, Sue. Sarah is the one in the front waving and posing. Love her.

Sylvia made this rather interesting sand face.

I made this sand butterfly.

Here we have Sarah and her rendition of a sand turtle. Note the hair and shell and face. Classic.

Another look at this fantastic turtle.

I scream, you scream, we know.
Left to right, front to back:
Sarah, Will, Martha
Whitney, Sue
Rachel, Sylvia
On the way back from ice-cream me and Will got into a rather intense "cemetery slap", "widowmaker wack", and licence plate game. We were both rather pink and tender afterwards. I'm pretty sure I won, though.

I scream for ice-cream!
I love this rocky spot. It's beautiful. (and I get the best reception out there...*sheepish grin*)
Okay, so this is just a random picture of me. My hat is hiding my haircut. Pictures of this haircut will have to come later.

I just thought this was the coolest tree. Way to stand out, buddy!

Water Tower.


I spy, with my little eyes (yeah, my eyes are little. This is me opening them as wide as I can!)

Heh. I know most of you will hate me for posting this, but it was just so cool!

These 'shrooms were just so cool.

Okay, so this was taken a while ago but I forgot to post it. This was on the shore of a pond at the end of a trail.
This is the crew that walked there with me.
From left: Megan, Rachel, Sylvia

So there you have it. Another post of my life out in New Hampshire.

I cannot believe how fast time is going out here!

March is almost over! And April will go by just as fast, I am sure. The only thing is I have a feeling that May is going to drag because there is a break at the end of the month. And time always goes slow when you are expecting something.

Okay, folks.



Peeser said...

Okay, I'm really not sure why you think a mosquito biting you is cool, but it's you're arm skin... whatevs.

Those 'shrooms are pretty cool (just don't try to use them for anything... *ahem*)

The pictures are lovely- I can hardly wait to come out and actually see it!

I'm sorry the Muse videos aren't posting (sometimes Blogger IS stupid)- I'd love to see them, so anytime you want to e-mail them to me would be fine!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week- love you!

Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

Great photos! Thanks.

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