Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My First Laptop

Okay, here is the deal. I am buying my very first laptop computer this week.

I am still going to go to Best Buy and look around, checking out the other computer on my list, but I think I have pretty much decided.

2. Toshiba - Satellite Laptop with Intel® Centrino® Processor Technology

Juli, I texted you asking what model you have. But if you get HERE first, let me know. The model of this one is M305-S4910.

The reviews were good. I was thinking about getting this special edition HP computer for about $50 more than this one. But after reading the reviews, it seemed that it was not as good as it could be for the extra money.

This Toshiba has almost as much memory as the HP, a long battery life without the clunky battery. The complaints center around it picking up fingerprints. Not a biggie though. The other problems seemed to be defective products, not something that is a regular occurrence. I have had several people tell me that Toshiba makes great computers. So I am thinking that this is the one I am going to get.


Especially if you own a laptop or have ever owned a laptop. I am really scared that I will buy something and end up wasting a bunch of money.

For the record, this laptop is $679.99

Here is the big deal though. This laptop seems to be everything that I want. But it is unavailable in Columbia. I would either have to order it online (pay for shipping) and HOPE that it comes before Saturday (which is when I am starting my experiment and need a laptop to do all my homework while cooped up in the lap for HOURS). OR, I could drive to Jeff City to get it where it is available.

There are other models that I could get that are cheaper, but they have less memory and less battery life (The things I am most worried about).

I think that if I WERE to get this one I would just drive down to Jeff City. But I think that I will go to Best Buy here and see what they have.

Anyway, now I am just rambling. I just want to get a good computer within my budget of $700-$750. And I want to know everyones opinion.

Okay, I am now going to look at iPods.

Farewell, until I hear from you.


J.Ammon said...

First, ask yourself why you want a laptop. Desktops do everything better than laptops, except for the whole portable thing. What I'm trying to say is, only get a laptop if you're going to be using it a lot at school and using a computer lab is not an option. Other than that, just don't get distracted my shiny things.

Peeser said...

Well, J.Ammon has a good point- maybe don't get the laptop unless you really need the portability. That being said, you stole my idea. I do need the portability (mostly for the summer months), so that is why I am investing in a laptop. I have also been looking at the Toshibas. However, since battery life isn't as essential (mine will mostly be at home, plugged in), I am going with one of the cheaper models. I think you are wise to read the reviews. I think it sounds like you are being smart about such a significant investment. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that you will have additional expenses on top of the initial price of the laptop (e.g. Windows, tech support, insurance, etc.) And you may want to consider the issue of a printer...

Good luck!!!

Tamara said...

They both have GREAT suggestions. I would still say:(on top of being SURE you want a laptop...I had 2, and both of the cords burnt up b/c I used it so often, plugged in and they are like $100 to replace...ugh!)look at SAM'S. Here's the page for laptops, and some of them include printers, etc. Like I said, sam's has the BEST deals on warantees, and they are great at taking them back if you don't like it for 90 days, I think.


Beckie said...

Okay, here is some advice coming from a girl who probs agonized over it as much as you did.
-Battery life is great, but the longer you own the computer, the more it goes down, so just be okay with carrying around your cord and plugging it in at opportune times.
-LOVE Toshiba...I've now had mine for 3+ years and only one issue with it after 2 years, covered by warranty. Good computers. Juli agrees with me. Very affordable.
-Warranties=less stress. I would look into investing that 50$ you are saving into a good warranty. I threw down 350$ for a 4 year warranty (a bit extreme, I know), but I live pretty stress free with my laptop. I would recommend maybe a 2 year warranty with you.
-Desktops are fine and dandy, but since you are a wandering college student whose living situation for the next couple of years will probs be changing, you can't guarantee you will have the money to pay for internet, so you will need that mobility to find the free internet. Hey, when I come home, lets go to Coffee Cartel in the CWE for a laptop date. It was a favorite thing for me and Kathy to do, and we would talk our friend Mark into joining us and just internet together.
-Last words of advice...don't agonize too much...all laptops have their own unique faults (so just let go and be fine with it), none are perfect, and no matter what, you are more than likely getting a good deal. So go with your gut and enjoy your wonderful, shiny, brand-new laptop.

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