Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dressed up and no where to go...

I'm in nice slacks, a blue button down shirt, and heels. I don't even get to present and I have to get all dressed up for professionalism's sake.

I am not very happy about it. Especially since I SOMEHOW got 3 sooty colored stains on my white tank that I'm wearing under the blue shirt. All between the half hour it took me to get to campus and the hour I spent in class. I have NO idea how they got there. But they were glaring at me as I was washing my hands in the bathroom.

Have I mentioned just how much I love The Fountain?

So, um...

I spent three hours with alcohol soaked dead fish yesterday. The forst 1.5 hours was taking my lab exam. I know I did better on this one than the last one, but is it good enough?

The rest of the time was spent identifying fish for one of the last projects of the semester. rubbing alcohol may not do any immediate damage to your skin, but after a while it starts to wear down on your fingers.

I'm just glad that's over. Now I just need to figure out how to do this fish experiment. I think what I will have to do is this.

dump some males and females together in the evening. Go home. Sleep. Give them some time. Then check back in the morning to see if they have spawned. If not, check periodically throughout the day. None of this sitting and waiting. Just pop in when my classes are done.

Once they spawn, I will check the eggs to determine what stage they are at and go from there. It's not as accurate as getting the eggs from the second they are spawned, but according to this expert that I e-mailed, it may take a DAY OR TWO for these fish to spawn. There is NO WAY I am going to sit there for 48 hours at a time waiting for these fish to get a clue.

I blame myself for all the failed attempts. Maybe if I had read more papers on the spawning habits of fathead minnows, I might have read that it takes DAYS not HOURS for them to be comfortable enough with each other to spawn. I don't know.

Anyway, I have to run this by my professor and then I can try again. I don't know when. I almost just want to tell him that I want to wait until after Finals. I REALLY don't want to go into the summer with this, but with this new tactic the schedule is unpredictable. I wont KNOW if I will miss classes or not. You can't predict anything based on unpredictable critters.

So I think my best bet would be to wait until finals are over. Heck, I am even okay with waiting until SUMMER is over and trying it next semester since I will be here. Plus I my be forced into taking another class from him. Ew. I would rather swallow 10 fathead minnows whole that take Fisheries Management.

I don't think being dressed up is worth pizza. It depends on how they give the pizza to us. It they give a few pizzas to each group, I'm sure we will all get our fill. If they just put all the pizzas in all 100+ of us students, I don't know if I will get any and that would make me cry.

If you have time and don't shy away from a little language (There are a few F bombs, in there) then go on over to Youtube and type in "32 songs in 8 minutes". Quite entertaining. The transitions are pretty good. The way he sings some of those songs in such a mellow way is great. Also he plays MUSE!! Which is great.

I discovered a fellow Muse lover in my class the other day. Soon they will be the best loved band in the world...or not.

Hm. I have three papers to write and another test to study for. Maybe I should get to doing that.

Happy Wednesday everyone.

By the way, if any of you are interested, there is a section of my story on my other blog. Shameless plug, I know. Nothing new form the one you have already read, mom.

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