Friday, December 26, 2008

The after

Yes. I am horrible at updates...(tee-hee, and I'm listening to Dr. Horrible. Horrible. Get it?)

I am striving to be more consistent. If it makes you feel better, I hate long stretches of nothing more than any of you. It makes me feel like I have to catch up.

So, whats new?

A couple things. FINALS ARE OVER! The results are in. I got an A my Ecosystem Management final and a B on both my Limnology and Botany finals. My grades are as follows...

Ecosystem Management-B+

My GPA was a 3.4. Overall I am pretty pleased.

Thank goodness that semester is over. I only have one year left. I will be done by fall of 2009. WOO HOO!

Bob Evans has asked me to train one of the Hostesses, Amanda, to be a server. In a nutshell, Danielle the night trainer is not available to do it. Spencer the night trainer doesn't like Amanada and doesn't want to train her. He kept telling them he would and then he would push the time back. When Shawn approached Steve about it, Steve suggested that he ask me.

To be a "certified" trainer at Bobs you have to go through a process and take a few tests. I am not certified. This made Spencer very unhappy. He couldn't stomach the fact that an uncertified server was taking his job. So according to Shawn, he turned in his training badge. I felt a little guilty but in all honesty, he was throwing a temper tantrum and Shawn was not going to take it.

So, even though I am getting none of the trainer beneits, I am training this hostess. I said yes because it is good experience, more hours and it will look good on my resume. It's going okay do far. I just hope I'm doing it right and she turns out to be a good server. I dont want to let the managers down. It's flattering to be told that you are responsible enough to mold another person into a server. I think I would be very embarrassed if Amanda turned out to be horrible even thought it would onyl be 1.2 my fault.

I cant say that much else is exciting.

It's boxing day. I had a nice photo shoot with Emily, Elise and Juli. I'm pretty sure that my favorite about the holidays is being together with family. It makes me a little sad that as we get older and build our own families that we will be parted for longer periods of time.

I really wish I could post more but my brain is turning into a sleepy mush. I will be more detailed and consistent in the future, I promise....

And guess what? I just updated my other blog. Do you want to read it? It may not make any sense, but I have re-vamped it yet again. Feel free to read the description if you wish to understand.

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