Monday, November 3, 2008


...Thanks to my second favorite band for writing one of my favorite songs

It's a perfect fall day (it could be a little cooler) and I'm sad that I have to spend it cooped up in classes. This semester is draining me of everything.

I was thinking about this song the other day. I know that everyone thinks it makes no sense and overall I would have to agree. But when you listen to it, certain phrases make all the sense in the world. Maybe I was just really sleepy when I was listening to it (it was that night I was up at a Halloween party.)

There are so may things I want in my life. But right now I am content enough knowing that my second limnology exam is over with and I don't have a paper due until next week. I do have to record a 3 minute podcast on Wednesday. We'll see how that goes. Maybe I can get that posted. I don't think it will actually be on iTunes.

I had full intentions of posting my Halloween costume pictures, but obviously that didn't happen. Next time hopefully.

I forgot to pack a lunch in my flurry of studying for my exam. So now I have to go to my least favorite class in the world on an empty stomach. Maybe she will make up some more words to entertain me today (replentish...that how it was written on the PowerPoint. Way to spell check yourself.)

Oops...I'm going to be late for said class.

Sorry for the brief random post. I never promised to be consistent.

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