Sunday, November 16, 2008


I'm at home (the duplex) right now typing a paper for my Limnology class. It's on The effects of light competition and growth form...oh whatever. I'll stop trying to sound like I know what I am talking about.

I was flipping through my last paper for the class to refresh myself on the formatting and I was hit with a massive wave of Deja vu. Everyone gets it in their lives. Every once in a while it so intense that it almost scares me. I KNOW that a while ago, when I was still living with mom and dad, I had this dream that I was working on a paper in a room that was not my own at the time. But it was somewhere I felt comfortable. IN my dream I was flipping through papers and scouring e-mails to find some sort of information.

5 minutes ago, before I started this entry, thats what I was doing. It started with a feeling that I had done this before. And of course I have. I did almost the exact same thing for a dfferent class two days ago. But then I remembered the dream. The only reason the dream stuck out to me more than my other random dreams was because after I woke up I remember thinking it was weird that I was dreaming of typing a paper in a completly fopreign yet comfrptable place. Like I lived there (but at the time I didnt).

Anyway, thats all really. I just had to share that weird experience. And take a break from typing. I have heard dads theory several times that Deja vu may just be evidence that we are taking the corret course. I dont know.

Even if you dont want it, I promise to post a Coldplay post. I'm sure Kirsti will do one also. Complete with pictures. Mine wont be as cool. But I need to document the event somehow.

Goodnight all. I have at least 400-600 more words to type.


emily said...

Hi! Just waving at you *virtually*.

Good luck on the paper...

Tamara said...

Hope everything is going well w/ the paper...I know just how it feels to be caught up in those things! And deja vu...yep, I have those things constantly! I always like to think that is a good sign...that we are in the right place @ the right time...helps me stay in a good mood, anyway! did you *know* i was gonna write that? hmmmmm....

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