Thursday, January 24, 2008

Day Three

Woah! I'm gettin' to posting now. It's just that I have all this time between my plant lecture and the lab. What else am I going to do once I've done all my homework? It just means that everyone will be nicely updated on my boring life.

So it's day three of Winter 2008 classes. And I have decided that I have already spent more time laughing in the last three days than I have any other semester. Three out of my four professors are Hi-lair-i-ous! And that makes me happy. I think that with classes like these if all my teachers were dull, I would be quite unhappy.

One's absent minded and likes to do little dances in class (he's 60). One likes to laugh at his own jokes and then forget what he's laughing about. He will also spend much of the class teasing and picking on the students. But we cant complain because he told us he would do this in the syllabus. And then theres my Plant Syst. professor who is just goofy.

My Stat. prof. is pretty uninteresting. But then it seems to me that as a rule, math teachers have to be somewhat boring. Okay not true. I had great 6th grade, 8th grade and 12th grade math teachers. My 10th grade math teacher was only fun because he had no idea what he was doing and told bad jokes. I've had no fun math teachers in college.

I'm feeling good about the semester so far. I think I can do well in all these classes if I stick to it and try hard.


emily said...

they sound FUN! Makes me long for my own college days... New fresh classes, new fresh books, new fresh ideas...


Jeanne, the mom said...

one of the songs on your blog sounds like a tornado siren as it starts up. Two times now I have been sitting here at the computer in full sunlight and I hear that siren sound and I think - a tornado!?!?!?!

Anyway, I am glad for the classes you have this semester. Even though difficult classes are "good for you", parents never want their kids to go through them.

I am glad you are posting on your blog again. Interesting that you only wrote once all during the semester break and didn't begin again until your life got more structured. What does that say? (mom moment here....)

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