Friday, August 17, 2007

First Week

I have finished my first week working at Bob Evand. Actually, according to their weird system, the week ends on Wednesday and starts on Thursday.

Anyway, monday was dull. Two hours of what they call e-learning. A really boring and only slightly informative computer training program. I like it better than movie gallerys but only because it makes me laugh and it has pictures. It's a little reminicent of those computer programs for kids that we had to do in elementry school. "Press the next button to continue." "Excellent job!" etc.

Tuesday was where I actually got into it. It was quite akward. I had to tail my server, who is quite nice, by the way. And he's really funny. I get the picture of one of those show choir gamer nerds. But only because he likes to belt out the current song playing while he's in the back and he told me that he loves to play computer games. This day was a day of firsts. I got my first tip from a nice elderly couple who heard that I was training. They handed me a tip personally. When people do this I am allowed to accept it. I also had my first big embarassing moment. We had a 25 top table(another first) and I was trying to get h2o to all these people. I had 10 glasses of water on a tray. I leaned over to get a woman her water and my tray tipped. I got cold ice water all over the back of this nice little old lady. She was nice about it. But I just know that my face was flaming. One of the other servers, Kim, said it's better for that to happen when your new and you have an excuse than later when you feel even more stupid. I also served my first people all on my own. Sadly I didn't get their tip. Anyway it was a very long day.

Wednesday was not as exciting. I spent 4 hours learning more markings and more about the menu.

Thursday I served a few tables on my own when it was slow. It was a farily busy day of following Spence and taking orders along side him.

Friday was much of the same as well as going over some tests. It was kind of slow.

And Saturday was me going over even more tests. Fun Stuff.

It's a lot to take in and I'm supposed to be taking my own tables this friday. I'm a little nervous. But I also feel that I will do better once I can learn on my own from my own mistakes. Having someone constantly looking over your shoulder can have it's advantages. But I feel that I need to start flying solo in order for me to get the hang of things as well as start making my own money.


I know many of you server siblings have already given me tips. But if you have anymore I am open to anything to make things move a little smother and make me more money. Spence has already given my several little ideas that will make the customer happier and tip better.

Well, thats about it. I cant wait till I get out of the insecure phase and into the "I know I can do this on my own" phase.

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