Friday, June 15, 2007

Tonight I Can Fly

Written while bored at work last night.

The sun shines in a perfect circle of flaming tangerine as the earth orbit takes it beyond view below the horizon. It turns the surrounding sky azure and rose, leaving in it's wake a few pinpricks of light; the stars are ready to shine in all their wishing glory. I can't wait to get out of the dusty workplace and into the summer night which waits with a promise of freedom. I love the fragrant air on my face as I blur past the onlooking streetlights on lonely streets. I love how the moon shows me the way. A silent listener as I let my voice rise with the music in perfect harmony. It is a night worthy of letting myself take the long way home through sleepy back roads, coming at last to a soft bed in a cool dim lit room with too many good books to choose from. Letting sleep draw over me like a soft blanket. And then falling to that place from which I will wake in the morning with the remnants of beautiful and exotic worlds dancing in my consciousness.

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