Tuesday, March 13, 2012

On a Bike Ride

I had an unexpected day off today.

What did I do?

Many things.  The most important being I went out and ENJOYED THE DAY.

Columbia, MO is pretty awesome.  There a plenty of parks and trails to have a mini-adventure on.  I'm lucky to live right next to Albert Oakland Park which begins the Bear Creek Trail.  There's a stretch that leads from Albert Oakland Park to Garth Park which I frequent as often as I can.  It's my little 5 mile round trip route and I love it.  Even though its NOT as out in the middle of nature as I would like.  I'm not in Maine anymore.  I take what I can get.

And that is A LOT considering this trail runs right through the north part of town.

(Note:  Some day I will have the money to buy a nice camera, or the time to work out how to use the one that my Mom got for Christmas.  In the meantime I only have what I can get out of my little inexpensive compact).

There is something exquisitely tangible about the SMELLS associated with each season.  While some of the smells of winter are as good as any, the cold makes it rather hard to smell much of anything.

But when SPRING arrives...well, it's wonderful.

It's earthy, and damp.  It has the smell of things awakening.

It's EVERYWHERE.  Coming through the window as I wake up in the morning.  Meeting me as I walk down the stairs into the cool of the basement.  Playing across my face as I bike down the trail.  

And then there's the sounds.

It started with the Robins many weeks ago.  They're always the first ones to bring in the season.  Then the Red-winged blackbirds.  Woodpeckers, Phoebes, Chickadees, Cardinals, they are all plentiful.  And then there is the occasional Killdeer.  MY FAVORITE!!  I can't help but giggle at their call.  It sounds so frantic.  

The Spring peepers are out and making a racket.  I love it.  

Every sensory experience of this season brings my heart a little joy.  This is important to me at this time in my life.  A time when finding peace and happiness in the little things is what makes the drudgery of the days worth it. 

So I am grateful to have today.

And when this day is over, I'll continue to live my life, make decisions, and work out what exactly it is I am going to do with my time on this planet.

It's only my whole life, so there's no pressure or anything.


Peeser said...

LOVE the photos- the turtle :), the lamb's ear plants, the dewy spiderwebs...

We had fantastic weather here today, too- I did have some baking I needed to do that kept me inside for part of the afternoon, but I did try to get out and enjoy it, too (though I did NOT take my camera, sad to say).

THIS is why I prefer to live in a place with four seasons- Though I do enjoy what winter has to offer, I love the awakening that Spring brings- that feeling of renewed life, the joy of the thaw, of things moving and growing again- I like to feel, smell, hear the cycle of life, something I don't think people in states like CA or FL (i.e. Fish Lake) get to experience quite as acutely.

I only wish I could have been there to enjoy the delights of CoMo with you! (Did you make it to Rock Bridge after all?)

P.S. Did I tell you I have a tiny seedling of a story idea involving red-wing blackbirds?

Julina said...

The turtle makes me happy - I have a thing for reptiles...

Thanks for sharing your walk with me :)

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