Friday, April 22, 2011

On The Fact That Things Can Only Get Better

Prepare yourself for pictures and then some.

First, lets take a trip down memory lane. Remember that one time, on my last blog entry, when I mentioned how things aren't prefect? I listed details like the cold weather, the general pallor R/L casts on my life's complexion, etc.

Then, I provided pictures that showed that I have no problem looking at the bright side of things.

There are always little joys to brighten your day. Especially if that little joy is an orange owl made out of small raisin box.

This week, however, it has been harder to look at happy things.

Maybe because there weren't many.

Let me reflect on the negative, just for a LITTLE bit so that I can get it out of my system and then I will move on to why today was so JOYFUL.

First, I still live in Owls Head. For ONE MORE WEEK. Yeah, I guess this week wasn't any worse than the week previous. But there were a couple of letter wars.

Yes, I mean a war where I would write a letter and R/L would deface it with angry words.

And she STILL treats me like a child.

But that doesn't matter. I am out of here as of next Saturday.

Then there is work. Lately it has been discouragement after discouragement. Things are not ideal. Merryspring seemed so charming on the outside. A cute little garden/nature center. Dog park. What not. But deep within the bowls of this place it is dark, dank, and dreary. Name that quote! Okay you probably can't so...if you wanna see the kind of nerd I am, go HERE and go to 6:09.
But it's time to focus on the past three days, all of which have been restorative to my heart, soul, and mind.

This week was supposed to be the Spring Ecology Camp. But since we only had two participants we had to cut it down to three days instead of 5. This was a frustration. Then I met the two girls (and their one friend who joined them for one of the days). The three mornings we spent together were magical and soul healing.

From left: Lerah, Meridith, Iris with their pet rocks they made.

Iris, Lerah, and Meridith spend some quiet reflection time at the spring to write in their nature journals.

Meridith, Lerah, and Iris chow down on their apples!

Day 3, Meridith and Iris (the two regular girls who did the camp last year and are twin sisters) clear back branches from a trail.
The dead and fallen tree we finally moved off of the trail. It took us and hour and 1/2 but we finally did it together! I can't believe we did! I was going to leave it as too hard to do by hand (something they could chainsaw later). But they wouldn't have that. So, I am sore and it was REALLY hard but WE DID IT! Yay!

It was actually quite wonderful with it just being those two girls and me. They are both so smart! Iris is a little shy and quiet and Meridith is the complete opposite. She is high energy and chatty! They LOVE being outside and never complained. They were always considerate, kind, and polite! And they never fought and they laughed often. It was PERFECT.

Then, today, the last day we met, the brought me a little surprise. I don't have pictures. But earlier in the week it had come up that my Birthday was on Easter. And at one point they very sneakily asked me what my favorite dessert was. They could work for the FBI they were so good at keeping their little secret and playing the part of the casually interested little girl.

Today they presented me with hand made birthday cards and...
Wait for iiiitttt...
When they had asked what my favorite dessert was, I replied pie without any hesitation. Coconut cream, I told them. They tried to apologize for not being able to find a coconut cream. But I was too overcome with gratitude at the whole "berry forest" pie they put into my hands from the local market down the road. It was wonderful.

We then spent the whole day doing trail work and finished up our camp by making toad homes and eating pie. Yes, I ended Lent a couple of days early. But I couldn't not eat a slice for their benefit. It was the perfect end to the day. They hugged me as they said goodbye and promised to visit me soon.

I love those little girls.

Let's travel back in time just a little bit. Last weekend I attended Plants Unlimited's Green Fair. They had animals and live music and vendors and food. It was wonderfully fun! Here are some images from that day.

PAH! Look at that white alpaca! I laugh at this picture every time I look at it.

Awww...and this one is just so CUTE! Seriously. If I ever live on a farm, I want to raise alpaca.

And another one. This one was an attention hog.




Pony and cow.


And the twin bunnies.

Here are a couple other things that make me smile.

This is the birthday present Rachael and Megan (my fellow interpreters and good friends) made me last year. Thanks to Juli, I decided to start putting a lamb and a sun down instead of my name because there was another Sarah there. Everyone thought it was so fun and charming! I have this in my room right now and every now and then I look at it and remember better times.

The next are several images of the poorly crafted Ukrainian egg that I made several weeks ago. It will take some practice to get them looking better, but I want to buy a kit and DO this more! It was so much fun!

NOW, it's time for BUBBLES!

Bubbles are really TOO much fun. The other day, I spent my last 5 minutes of work blowing very large bubbles and taking pictures of them. It was grand, I tell you, GRAND!

Okay, so these ones aren't so large.

BAM! Look at that. Oh, you say you can't tell that it is large because there is not basis of scale? Well then, what about THIS one?

Ah. Same issue. I PROMISE these aren't just normal size bubbles close up!

There we go. It's next to a table. Okay, so they weren't HUGE, but I had a tiny bubble blower. Sue me!

Hah! This was so fun!

Are you a good witch or a bad witch? (I don't know why people ask that of the bubble. It's the woman who comes OUT of the bubble that asks the question, after all.)

And now for something completely different.

I give you...


This is the little guy I made as the girls were making their pet rocks and pet rock habitats. Isn't he CUTE? I mean it, people. Add googly eyes to ANYTHING and it makes it cuter. I challenge you to name something that WOULDN'T be improved by googly eyes.

Flowers are always cause to smile.

And these non-wild flowers are growing randomly around the vernal pool. Weird.

So sunny and BRIGHT!
According to ALL the locals, this winter was one of the worst in 12 years and this spring has been colder than spring usually is in Maine. So I chose a heck of a year to come here, right? The flowers have only started coming up in the past TWO WEEKS! We're SO behind. STILL no green on the leaves and I have to wear a coat every day.

And in closing, the best lunch I have had in a while.

Cranberry/apple/sunflower seed salad with a raspberry and walnut vinaigrette. Ice water (boring I know, but it's the ICE that's important!). A small pita with garlic and red pepper hummus with feta. And a Fig Newton fruit thin. This one is chocolate raspberry! Not quite a cookie so I am not counting it as being against Lent.

So there you are. Another post reminding me that things aren't as horrible as they could be. And REALLY, in what way could May be any WORSE than the past 4 months?

Didn't I link that song a post or two ago? Oh well. It's a great song.


Julina said...

wait... a letter war? How old is this woman - 13? But I love the pictures and I love the happiness the girls brought you and I love the "Lamb-sun" gift and I'm glad that in a week, we won't be talking about crazy things anymore

Meanwhile, since you've accused (ok, that's too strong...) me of coming up w/ weird questions, here's another one... do you ever find yourself thinking about who's sleeping in your NH cabin now? Or the - garden, was it? - well, project you did with that school class last spring? Just something that floated across my brain the other day after the "you ask strange questions" comment... :) Talk to you soon - happy countdown to moving day!

Sarah Lambson said...

Well...maybe I should have been clearer. When I leave in the morning, I often write her notes about important things like "I might need to shower late today" or "I might have to shower a little earlier in the morning" or "I am going to make something for dinner tonight. Is that okay?" Mostly because I don't know when I am going to see her since I try to stay away from "home" as long as I can. So they aren't really immaturity, it's just how I communicate with her...though sometimes her reactions are STILL a little immature. But it's not like "Are you angry at me? Check yes no or maybe".

And to answer your question, yes. She is a 13 year old in a (indeterminate age) year old's body. Or maybe a 22 year old.

To answer your OTHER questions, I Do think about the garden I did with the middle school last year. All the time. Expecially when I think about what I am trying to do with this children's garden here. I don't usually think about who is sleeping in my old cabin, though I do often think about Bear Brook and miss it terribly. I DID hear that two people from the Edison cabin (my old cabin) were FIRED! That cabin is cursed! Two people LEFT the program last year and the year before that and before that and before THAT there were extreme tensions with people moving out and all. There is just a bad vibe in that cabin.

With that, I will end this long reply comment and bid you good day.

Jeanne, the mom and grandmom said...

what were her angry comments to your notes?

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