Monday, February 8, 2010

"I shake through the wreckage for signs of life Scrolling through the paragraphs Clicking through the photographs."

Megan give me a strange look as Kate, Lil, and Kelsey watch SNL on my computer at the South Street Laundromat. This fantastic little piece of awesome is the cheapest laundromat I have found and has wireless internet! Love it.
Nate and Jo posed for this picture that we put into our slide show for the eighth graders. They are showing just how much they love composting.
Another little gem that we used for the slide show to demonstrate how we live as a community and cook community meals. Jo looks a little too excited and Nate is really enjoying the spoonful of nothing he's dipping from the pot.
Jo going full force into cooking, whisk held high.
This is a picturesque view of the lodge in all it's snowy glory. This is the place that we eat, work, shower, cook, and pretty much spend out lives when we aren't teaching or sleeping.
This lovely specimen here is Kate Hood. No doubt she is trying to poison herself with bleach water so that she can get out of cleaning the bathrooms. They were pretty gross that day and she is a little bit of a germaphobe.
Z and Shannon look a little too happy for having to sweep up hair and scrub toilets which let urine sit in them for hours at a time. "If it's yellow, let it mellow. It it's brown, flush it down. Or save some water, use the squatter." For those of you unaware, the squatter is the outhouse.
Looks like Kate's mood has improved. Maybe she has successfully poisoned herself.
This is a marsh a little ways away from the camp. I bet it is even more beautiful in the spring when it is teaming with life. Just after the only big snow storm that we have gotten since I got here. This is part of the trail to the Lodge.
One of the cabins in the snow. Beautiful.
The branches crowded in along the trail. I have to say that it was one of the most lovely morning walks I have ever experienced. I really wish that it would snow again.
Yet another snow view. I know there are a lot of these. It was just so amazing. I don't get to see this much snow all that often.
And yet another snow picture. This was when the clouds rolled away. Once the sun made it appearance, all the snow started to fall from the branches. It was almost treacherous.

So this wasn't all that exciting. But it's what I got. Believe me, these pictures were the interesting ones of the bunch. And I didn't want to overload you all.

I am beginning to find my comfort zone out here. It's only just beginning to feel like a home. Things are becoming familiar.

Along with the sweet comes the sour. I still haven't found my wallet. So I have no money and every time I drive I am afraid that I am going to do something stupid and get pulled over. I am in the process of replacing everything but those of you who have been in my situation know how hard that can be. Especially since I am out of state.

Teaching is coming along. Lesson two went really well, at least for my part. Nate and Jo had a couple rough spots. They both HATE the class we have full of really gifted/band/ADHD students. They are really smart. They just need to be challenged. Some of them are really into learning what we are talking about. Some of them just want attention. I am enjoying the challenge. I am pretty sure that they are going to be my favorite class.

The first teen night was awkward. It was a mix of being a freshman in high school and being the lame adult. It got better as the night went on.

So yeah. That's about it for this little update.

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